After Death

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After Death
Post # 1
What happens after a person dies?
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Re: After Death
Post # 2
On This topic different religion have different openions I'll tell you few
Hinduism :- After death there are four doors at each direction soul is taken to the door of afterlife where its placed in front of Hindu celestial judge (yamraj) by Yamduta (messanger of yamraj) then all the good and bad what soul has done in its life is told again to it after that for good work its karma is added to its next life's good things that will happen to you..And for bad works you'll be punished in hell (not underworld) according to your work in Hindu Hell and underworld are different Known as Narka the place of celestial punishments and Patal place where demon lives...Then you born again...

Chinese:- When you die there's a door called ghost or afterlife door where soul is imprisoned by guardian angels of celestial judge then its taken to god of justice or celestial judge where for each work souls guardian angels give reasons why you did it...and if you found guilt you'll be punished and for good work rewarded then reborn again...

Egyptian:- When one die they are taken by Anubis to god of justice where soul is compared with its karma if weight of good works soul did is much then soul then its safe or else punished few ..
others are one go to a bridge of rainbow where is an owl or eagle goddess who will know if soul is enough worthy to go afterlife and if she find soul is not then soul is thrown from the bridge to darkness lol sorry if i am somewhere wrong
Blessed Be
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Re: After Death
Post # 3
So many different religions.
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Re: After Death
Post # 4

That is up to the individual to think about and decide. And to be honest nobody exactly knows what happens.

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Re: After Death
Post # 5
In my travels of the astral plane I have actually visited the afterlife. I am not nearly articulate enough to describe it, but to put it simply it's probably better than you expect. Many religions describe "heaven" as a certain vision of paradise where all earthly pleasures are met, but in reality it isn't a paradise for the body, but the soul. The afterlife isn't a reward or punishment based on who you were in life, it is the place where our souls in their endless potential and power reside, for it is our true home. I can't even call it a happy or good place because it is beyond that, it is where we...I guess the appropriate word is "remember" everything about ourselves and the Universe we exist in. That's what I've come to believe anyway.
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