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Post # 1
Hi. I've been searching the internet, and I really can't find the answer I'm seeking for 2 symbols.
the first symbol is pretty standard, it's a crescent moon with a star. however, it isn't like the crescent and star symbol in the islam faith. it's mirrored, so instead of the symbol facing right, it faces left.

the second one is a little tricker to find. it's essentially a sun. The middle is spiraled and closes into a circle. Then there are 6 triangles that point outward and at each point are small circles.

A friend and I saw these symbols in separate dreams that we've had, around the same time. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what these symbols are?
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Re: Symbols.
Post # 2
Sadly I've never heard of either symbol, and can't be of much help. Although I would reccomend meditating on them. They could be nothing, they could be something, you never know.

Another random thought, draw out the symbols as accurately as possible and show a few history or religion professors, they might know of something. Or take this illustration to a library or occult shop, you never know.
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Re: Symbols.
Post # 3

They are the symbols of Night and Day,now I do have a few theories what that can mean.

1.The Primordial Goddesses of Day and Night and the Primordial Gods of Light and Darkness may very easily be sending a signal to you and him telling you and him that they are your Patrons and Matrons,the Gods you are looking for are:
-Aether the Primordial God of Light
-Erebus the Primordial God of Darkness
-Hemera the Primordial Goddess of Day
-Nyx the Primordial Goddess of Night

2.You and he may experience some changes in his life-emotional,love life,attitude to better or worse,since the symbols he saw are personifications of Day and Night,a cycle,a change,a period.

3.It could be,since you are close friends,a psychic connection between your subconsciousness,there by letting you both see the same or similar dream,which is more and more common today.

Hope some of these help and hope you have a better understanding for the dreams you had.

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Re: Symbols.
Post # 4
Thanks for the help!
Islam, what you said actually makes sense. My friend and I are close, and recently finding out how sensitive we both happen to be to spirits (mine through my empathy and hers being able to sense energy) could be a basis for a psychic relationship between us. thanks!
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