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Free Readings~
Post # 1
I haven't given many readings before, I'd say I'm just a complete beginner. I give myself readings, but I'd like to try it on other people.

I would love feedback from those I give readings to, but it's not completely necessary.

Anyway, I welcome questions! (:

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 2
Hi I would like you to try on me If can my question Am I a good medium or psychic or gonna be lol..??

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 3
Hi, I'm Linda...I would love a reading.

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 4
Hi, life is a bit difficult right now I would honor a reading.

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 5

For your question I used the 3-card spread: past, present, future.

Past: Page of Swords (Reversed)
The card shows a person holding a sword ready to fight, he is in the woods that appear to be a bit bare. So he can see behind him, but is not sure what is in store for him.
Based on this card, I gather that you have attempted to hone your abilities or have noticed that you have the ability to become in essence, psychic. Due to the fact that it is reversed, I believe you have either noticed a likelihood of psychic energy OR have tried to become psychic, but only minimally and not enough.

Present: Temperance (Reversed)
It shows an angel with a beautiful scenery in the background. He is pouring water into a goblet. Temperance means moderation. Under my analyzation, I take this to mean that you need to learn to pace yourself in order to reach that path. Don't take everything in all at once. Try to separate things and concentrate on them one at a time.
This is a very important card since it is an Arcana, so you should really keep this one in mind.

Future: Seven of Pentacles (Upright)
It looks as though a man is leaning on a plant with seven pentagrams. He is dressed in plain clothing and he appears to be in deep thought and unhappy. In this, I believe that you are faced with many obstacles. Maybe the issue of not taking things in moderation.

My advice to you based on these three cards is that you Do have potential, but you need to work on managing it without going into it too fast or giving up too quickly. Good luck!

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 6

Hi there. For you I did a simple one-card spread. But, I find it funny that it was hard for me to read the energy of the card (to pick the right one), but once I was able to, it was extremely strong. I had to actually redo your reading since I couldn't read which energy was strongest the first time. Not sure if that's something to do with your energy or my own.
If you have any specific question you wanted to ask though, I'd be happy to do another reading for you.

For you I got: The Tower (Reversed)
I find this one of the really interesting cards in the deck. Reversed, it looks as the the person is fleeing from the light and into something unknown.
It could be that you are comfortable where you are mentally. But, you'd like to go to a different place and leave your comfort zone. But, this idea may only be vaguely in your thoughts and you're afraid to take that leap away from where you are comfortable.

IWhether or not that path is right for you, I'm not sure. But make sure you think before you leap and you know what you want.

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 7

For you I chose to do a 7-card spread.

1. Past 2. Present 3. Hidden Influences
4. Obstacles 5. Attitude of Others 6. What you should do
7. Outcome

Past: Page of Swords (Reversed)
It is a person holding a sword with both hands. The sky is a bit cloudy. The background shows a tree and you can barely see a few leaves on it.
In your case, I'm interpreting this card as meaning that you have been struggling with something from the past. And you have been holding onto it because you don't know what's to come.

Present: Nine of Rods (Reversed)
Again, it is one person. The season seems to have changes from cold to something a bit hotter. You appear to be ready to take on this challenge you are faced with. Again you are holding the "weapon"--the rod in this case with both hands. You are tired, but determined. Because it is revered, I interpret this as meaning that you are thinking of taking the steps needed OR you have begun to take these steps but still have a long way to go.

Hidden Influences: Strength (Upright)
I see a woman, she is calm, her eyes are closed and trusting. Within her arms she is caressing a large yet sweet lion. The skies are warm. I see beautiful red roses in her background. So you have strength. You just have to believe it. This card is a beautiful card. It is an arcana and is very important and influential.

4. Obstacles: Page of Rods (Reversed)
This card shows a younger person. Child by nature. He is yelling out to somwehere. This could mean that there is a person who is playing around with you and is not taking you seriously. Could it be that you are not be looked at as being mature? Or could it be that you are more of a child at heart and finding it hard to move on from something that happened? It could also mean you need to begin to focus on what's important without jumping to a conclusion.

5. Attitude of Others: Eight of Pentacles
This cards shows an adult figure. She is cleaning on of her pentagrams. The rest of them are hung around the window. There are tools on her table.
I interpret this as meaning that there are people who believe that you will be able to do what you are seeking to with the right tools. They have warm feelings towards you.

6. What you should do: Five of Rods (Reversed)
Here is a card where there are 5 people fighting. Because it is reversed, I believe that this means that you should be working together with the people around you. If there is a problem, you should work together to solve it. Don't try to do everything on your own, get help if you need it. You don't need to do everything on your own.

7. Outcome: The Emperor (Reversed)
There is a man sitting in a chair. He is holding onto two objects. One is an orb and the other I can't remember the name of (but it means abundance or fertility).
I take this to mean as you will become wiser and you'll learn to make decisions based on what you know you have and can do with your abilities.

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 8
Can i get a reading also?

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 9

I did a simple 1 tarot card spread. A general reading, but if you have a specific question do let me know.

For you, I picked up the Oueen of Swords.
You're currently in the middle of a war. Maybe it's just a war against yourself. You're dressed in fur and you're wearing a helmet crown. The colors are cold: silver, greys, and tints of blue. She's holding a sword and it's sparkling at the tip. Are you currently battling forces that have made you become a bit cold and apathetic?
By this card I assume that you are strong and you are brave, you just don't feel the need to involve emotions into the mix.

Re: Free Readings~
Post # 10
can i have one too please?

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