Love and Dreams

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Love and Dreams
Post # 1
I believe in love at first sight so when I saw a guy that I was instantly drawn to I thought that he was the one. I didn't ever speak to him and after awhile I never saw him so I tried to stop thinking about him. About a year later circumstances brought us together again and we became friendly acquaintances. Recently I've been having dreams about us in a more romantic relationship. The problem with this is I have a boyfriend and I feel guilty over these dreams. All opinions are welcome. I would just like to know what these dreams mean and what to do about the situation.
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Re: Love and Dreams
Post # 2
Well if he really is the one things will settle down all by themselves, for example in my case I was in a relationship and my present guy was in a relationship
I felt something for him but I just never thought much

Somehow my guy 'cheated'
And his girl 'cheated' lol

Things just happened

Weird thing is my guy's mom always used to tell him to talk more with me... idk!
Stuff will happen dont force it

These dreams might mean that your future is with him but dont start thinking about it now, focus on your current relationship and dont worry! I always dream of Edward Cullen I dont feel guilty :D
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Re: Love and Dreams
Post # 3
Honestly, there's nothing to be guilty of. You have little fantasy dreams, don't we all lol? Just don't stress over it too much and try not thinking about this guy. Also, probably expressing you feelings with your boyfriend may release some of your tensions and guiltiness.

Much Luv & Blessed Be
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Re: Love and Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 4
everyone has fantasies it's natural. if you feel guilty, try to figure out why, what attracts you to this person, as well as why you love your boyfriend. to have a dream about a relationship be it with your boyfriend or another person commonly means you don't feel enough love in your waking life. i suggest reflecting on your situation, then speaking with your boyfriend about your hopes, fears, and feelings. after all that, choose. i know it'll be hard, but after thinking about it, you should realize who you love more and why. you'll still like the other one, so try to distance yourself from them, and occupy your time with other things. in terms of magick, there might be a spell, but i'm not 100% sure, you could try lighting a white candle and meditating, visualize/feel this person and your feelings for this person disappearing.
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