Hello everyone =^)

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Hello everyone =^)
Post # 1
Hello there. I am new to this site and to this world. I am a Christian, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter. I believe in a higher power and a lot of other complicated stuff that doesn't really shout "Christian", haha. I'm more spiritual and don't really believe in religion or that there is one right one. I feel like religion is man made for us to experience for the time being, but when we die there's no religion. There's no Christian heaven, Jewish heaven, Pagan heaven(lol), etc.

Why I join this site:
I join this site because I'm starting to feel something very strong inside me that is building up. Like a energy. On a few occasions I prayed to God and to the universe on something particular, and the strangest thing happened within the same day. It came true. You're probably thinking well duh. But it wasn't so simple or cut in dry. I felt something while asking like I knew it was working and I knew I was going to get it then that whole day I carried that energy with me. It felt like it was part universe making it happen and another part of me making it happen. Like free will on steroids. And that happened to me two days in a row, and after that it wouldn't happen again, and I couldn't figure out why, and still do not know why. But I take it as that was suppose to awaken me in some way or lead me in some direction.

Skills I want to enhance:
I want to enhance any power that is brewing inside me, I have know Idea what is and I wish to find that out to

Skills, I think I have haha:
Controlling wind: No i can not make a storm or anything like that, but I notice sometimes I can tell it "to blow harder" and it does or to stop and it does or a certain direction and it does. Recently I was out with my friends and we were taking pictures and I wanted one by myself and I wanted my hair to blow in the wind, but the wind was very light and was like that the whole night then I said " I wish the wind would blow harder" Then all of a sudden the wind started blowing harder and my friends were like whoa well there you go, but then the wind was getting harder and harder out of no where and it kinda worried me and then I told it to calm down and it did.

And I want to improve my telekinesis. The only thing I can do is transfer energy by touching the object. Like I will take my necklace and hold it and can control it very easily because I'm touching it but i can not make anything move when I am not touching it.

Anyways, I have tons of stories and strange things about myself, but I don't want to make this any longer then it already is. So thanks for reading. And if you have any advice for me or any tips please let me know
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