Magic and Physical Effort

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Magic and Physical Effort
Post # 1
Nowadays in the Magical community we all too often see things like "I need a spell to get a job" or "I need a ritual to find true love." Yes Magic can help us with these things but magic only helps what we have already done on a physical level on the material plane. We cannot cast a spell to find a job but then never submit an application and expect to get a job. Magic would help you on your search for a job and line up the circumstances for you to find the job you want but you still have to put forth the effort. The Christians have a saying that goes "God only helps those who help themselves." I personally believe that this saying is true also with magic, the gods and other beings that watch over us. They only help us when we have helped ourselves. Think about it in this way, would it be fair if you were always there for someone helping and supporting them and they never did anything to help themselves? In my opinion no. We are the walkers of our own path and magic is the road that helps us get there but we must be willing to actually walk and break a sweat otherwise the road will become a dead end. Well thank you to those who read this and please comment and let me know what you think of this subject and if you disagree definitely comment. I like to hear both sides of a subject I find it very fascinating. Besides our differences are what make us interesting.
Blessings of the Spirits on you all
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Re: Magic and Physical Effort
Post # 2
I do totally agree with you. On this one occasion I don't know eactly what I did or how I did it, but I prayed or meditated some how and was wanting money. Then I went about my day and went out with friends then all of a sudden all my drinks were paid for, we went on the dance floor and started dancing and all of sudden money was being thrown everywhere. And we weren't even dancing vulgar, I don't even know how to dance haha. I was more like fist pumping. And received 30$. Then later that night we were hungry and I said lets go threw a drive threw and it was taking a long time to get our food and there was someone behind us and I looked out the window and told them sorry it was taking so long then all of a sudden the driver shouted did I need any money and I said no. And he said are you sure and I said give me three dollars, and he did, and he was like anything else, and I said give me 20$ and he gave it to me. ( i had no idea he was serious) and I was like I can't take that I was just kidding but he insisted that I have i, and so I took it. And another inceident happened like that the next day but not with money but with beauty. I had some zit on my face out of no where before work, and I did the same thing I did for the money and asked for it to go away and for me to look and feel beautiful, and then all of a sudden random people came up to me and told me I was pretty, I had a nice smile, and hair. I mean I know I do(but it was just random, especially when I was worried about the zit on my face) And when I got to work I was getting compliments, and this little girl was extra excited to tell me how pretty I was and made sure I herd her. And about 3 hours into work my zit was gone, which does not happen. That sucker always stays there until it forms into a pimple. But after that I've been trying to figure out how I did that or how that happen, because along with it happening I didn't feel normal, I felt like I was filled with power, like I was connected to something. And after those days I couldn't repeat the same events. Which led me to believe that I was suppose to learn something from those events or be aware of something. Which led me to some book I cam across in the book store and I can not find it for the life of me. But the key words that stand out where "Your thoughts get sent out into the universe and manifest" "Your thoughts become actions" And it also mentioned that when you want something, do not just depend on the universe, you have to do your part to. Half will from the universe and half the will of you. So I think you have to put in some type of effort like you said. I still don't know what I did and how I did it those first two days with no effort( at least I think I didnt put any effort into what I wanted)
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Re: Magic and Physical Effort
Post # 3
Thank you for replying I love hearing from people. I completely believe and love that story you shared. Most people believe you have to do complicated rituals and have certain conditions to work magic. Yes these things do help us to concentrate our mind and work magic but we don't always need those things. Magic is in everything in the universe so we can use it as easily as we breathe. In regards to why it probably worked with almost no effort physically on your part is because like you said magic can teach us lessons too, perhaps the universe knew you were felling down about not having much money so it was helping to keep your spirits up and show you that there are nice people out there that help us when we need it and that in order to be beautiful we must believe we are and see ourselves as such.
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Re: Magic and Physical Effort
Post # 4
I could not agree with you more. You summarized my views on magic almost perfectly in both your posts. My thoughts on the amount of effort the spells took is that the first didn't effect the physical world but simply "steered fate" in your direction, though I still think it took some small amount of energy to do so. In the second case, I'd bet the same thing and also that since the zit was extremely small so didn't take much energy to effect, although your body's health and energy might have effected it as well.
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