herbs and oils

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herbs and oils
Post # 1
im new, even though i joined last year. i have been reading and meditating...maybe doing something wrong because i am still nervous when it comes to spells. with said, can you reccomend books on herbs and oils, books about finding your spirit guide. i welcome your advice. thank you and blessed be
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Re: herbs and oils
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: herbs and oils
By: / Novice
Post # 3
for the herbs and oils, go with Scott Cunningham's Incense Oils and Brews, as well as his book Magickal Herbs or Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs. in regards to your spirit guide, meditation is usually best. i don't know of any books on the subject, but it would probably be in a book about shamanism.

that might be of some help. read about the creature and see if you feel connected to it, then meditate thinking about the animal, or asking yourself who your guide is. normally you will see/hear/feel something. it will most likely take a few tries though.
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Re: herbs and oils
Post # 4
The book mentioned above is a great book to start!
If you are looking for a book on what the spirit animals symbolize then Animal Speak by Ted Andrews was recommended to me and it was incredible!
As for finding your spirit guide, I have two, and they both came to me when I was ready for them at different stages of my life. One at 21 years old and one just recently. The one that revealed himself to me is my birth spirit animal. So you have one now, but he/she may not be ready to reveal themselves to you just yet.
Meditate like mentioned and ask them to be at your side during your new journey, and if they feel they are needed, they will come forward.

Blessed be!
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