Future telling?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Future telling?

Future telling?
Post # 1
Ok, so I wanted to know if there was a way to find out about my future? I don't really mean knowing my love of my life, but I'm looking for assurance that I could get married, or that I have kids, or that I live a happy life even. Im completely stumped about my future and when I try to sit down and ask myself about my future I always make something up. I need help! And is there a way you can ask your higher self of unconciousness? How do I reach them?
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Re: Future telling?
Post # 2
I love to use tarot cards and runes. I find runes easier to use then tarot cards. There is also scrying, and you can use a pendulum.

Hope I helped!
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Re: Future telling?
Post # 3
You should try wax scrying.

What you do is drip drops of candle wax one by one and look at what shapes are made.
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Re: Future telling?
Post # 4
There are many ways

First of all grab a diary and write your experience

1. Take your own tarot cards and pick 3 for yourself, see what they mean
2. Ask your spirit guide to help you, if possible, give some hint through numbers or names
3. Ask for a dream that can help you
4. Get a pendulum and ask questions

But yeah do smudge and cleanse home and your place before doing any of this...

I have tried almost everything and same answer keeps coming up... I discussed about intuitions and spirit guide messages with several people and I am convinced that my 'first' thought is often true.

And also that you cant change your destiny :/

If you need a tarot reading, I am there... if not from me, I know many links and nice people who can get you some insight :)
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Re: Future telling?
Post # 5
* Sorry forgot to add, you dont really know future untill you are done with your spiritual lessons, like developing yourself and building secure future, building positive attitude, more confidence etc. Seriously, universe works that way, if you think too much it is pushed away :)
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