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Finding Information
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I have seen many people posting 'where can I find information on (whatever topic)'

So I will write up a bit on where to find information, this will apply in school as well for those who still go.

Dictionaries, these are great for looking up what a word means and often gives examples of how to use the word.

Thesaurus, these are great for finding alternatives to different words.

Encyclopedia, these were once large sets of books that people owned and looked through to find information on subjects. The neat thing about these is they have a bibliography at the end, which gives you other places to look up the information as well.

Libraries, these are buildings full of books that are staffed by people who know where to find information. They also have computers so you can look up a subject, author, or book title and find out where it is in the building. If you have any trouble at all, the staff is there to help you, all you have to do is ask. Also, they have the first three items here, so if you don't own them, you can use them for free. Many libraries also have computers and the internet, granted it is limited on what you can access, but it is free, or relatively cheap.

Books, there are many books that you can read on a vast array of subjects. Some better than others, but hey that's everywhere. Amazon lists books for sale, it's good if you are interested in a particular author and want to know what other books they have written. Also Amazon has a nifty feature at the bottom that tells you what other books have purchased that also purchased the book you are looking at. At the back of the book, there is often a bibliography that tells you what books the author used to write the book. These are good for further research on your own.

Internet, the things you can find on the internet are amazing, I can watch the sunrise in the Alps from my computer. Google, Bing, AskJeeves, and Yahoo! are search engines that can help you find things.

SpellsofMagic, this site is useful as well. There are articles to help inform you, forum posts to help you find information, the forum even has a search bar, type in what you are looking for, and it searches the whole forum for you! There is a chat feature that you can use to ask specific questions about things you need clarification on. Also, there is a mail system, so if you find an article or forum post that you like you can mail the author.

Above all, when finding information: one should be patient, it often takes time; persistent, the information is not going to come to you; observant, you never know what you might run across that has the information you are looking for, or even better, different information.

I hope this helped.
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