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Questions from beginner
Post # 1
I've Googled tonnes websites, I viewed few threads here. I am made some statements, please, tell if they're either true or not.

1. Everyone has "some magick", but its like skill. You need to develop it, to be able to do more with it.
2. To successfully cast spell, you must be concentrated on spell, and try to put as more "Power" as possible in it and believe that it will work.
3. Power can be lend from object, but if doesn't given it back. You will get negatives back as payback.

And now questions :):
1. Skill, how to increase it? I feel something like, I can pull some feeling from Earth, and that I can put some feeling in Earth. Maybe I want to think it is "that power", but, is that it?
2. Believe that it will work. How to believe, if you never saw something? Any hints? I want to believe, but its same as with Christianity and God. You know how to follow, you want to believe in God but you still aren't sure if you really believe.
3. Is there any method to "talk" to these objects, I am not meaning literally, but "objects" towards me are also flora and fauna, is it possible that I will know when do they need some of that "power" to help them out?
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Re: Questions from beginner
Post # 2
1. Everyone does have magick in them but some choose not to believe in it. I believe you're right as in you need to practice more to learn more. I always say you're never done learning.

2. You do need to be concentrated on the spell, but before you even get into spell work, you have to learn the basics such as meditation, centering, grounding, etc.

3.Energy, or power in your definition, can be taken from objects. I haven't heard that if you don't give back the energy to that object, you'll get negativity back.

1. You can pull energy from the Earth (I hope I'm reading that right). If skill, you mean experience, practice. Practice makes perfect. Research more and never stop learning.

2.You just have to believe. If you're an Atheist/Agnostic, then it may be hard considering they don't necessarily believe in anything or they know something is there but they don't know what. It takes faith and hope to make a spell, for instance, work. If you have none, it won't work correctly or it may no work at all. Believe in the God and Goddess, believe in God, Allah, whomever you worship. Believe in magick, have faith it will work. All it takes is a little faith.

3.If you want to talk to plants and animals, just talk to them. If you want to, meditate within nature to get the feel of the things around you. As far as talking to inanimate objects, I'm afraid that isn't possible. If you want to take energy from say a tree, bring it something, such as scraps from leftover dinner, and place it at it's base for nutrients. Then you can take a branch, for a wand. You can now take some energy it may have. If you're able to talk to nature, it will you if you are able to.
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Re: Questions from beginner
Post # 3
1. -

2. Thank you.

3. Ok. Is power of specific types, more, useful for specific types of people? "of specific types" I mean, water, fire, wind, Earth, Moon and Sun.

1. I am researching

2. I am Christian. I am trying to believe in God and His Son, but I don't think I believe, although I try, very hard. If I try to believe in magic as much as I try to believe in God and His Son. Do you think it is enough as start?

3. I didn't ment to take energy from living species. I ment, to "say" to living species, that I am not danger to them. Such by the way, does living species make use/live of/in magic? Does magick, mana, power or energy, or whatever we'll call it, does it affect them, do they "use" it or, something like that?
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Re: Questions from beginner
Post # 4
2. I do think it is a good start

3. Animals do have uses in magick. Not sacrificial or anything, at least not in my practice, but they do have meaning in magick. Everything you do will affect something in some way. Energy will affect a biotic object. Everything uses energy, whether it is magick-wise or body-wise. Depending on what you tend to use that animal for will have a positive or negative effect.
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Re: Questions from beginner
Post # 5
Thank you very much for answering.
You spared me 2 hours of searching which will still result unwanted answer without satisfaction.
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Re: Questions from beginner
Post # 6
Such by the way. I took look on your profile. It seems like you are a bit advanced in magic(k). Could you give me some link, or tips, that you also used when you begun?

(Answer about empaths: Blessing. The more people "do?" empathy, the less disrespect, wars etc. will exist/be born. I am not sure if I am feeling someones feeling, but I am infecting with happyness.)
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