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Take a look at history
Post # 1
There has been a mumber of post to this web sight about the burning of witchs and the percution of pagans in the past. I just wanted to take a moment to sight some well documented times in history were the oppoisite was the case.
Paganism or Polytheism is the oldest type of religon on the planet.Its roots go all the way back to Mesopatamia and Sumaria.
Monotheism is a new concept in religion.
The first to try it was the Pharoh Auknatan(King Tuts Father). He shut down all the temples in Egypt and forced everyone only to worship the Autun(the sun). A failed experment at best it barley lasted through his time as Pharoh.
Next came the Israelites of the old testement. Who came into Egypt as equals and ended up enslaved by the Egyptians. They then lost there lands to babylon and ended up in excile.
Finally we get to the Christians of the first century. They were being crucified,forced to participate in gladiator games etc etc. This lasted for centuries untill the Emperor Constantine adopted Christanity and made it a reconised religion in the Roman Empire.
This is but a very short summary of history. It is safe to say that there has been bad blood and cruelty on both sides for centuries.
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Re: Take a look at history
Post # 2

No comment on the rest.

The first religion is usually thought out to be a form of shamanism, animism.


is thought to be the birth place of the first civilizations, if I remember right, so a structure like paganism wasn't seen until agriculture and civilization, leaving a lot of space. Shamanism/animism filled in the gap.

I could be wrong, this is just what I have read from a few books and heard from a few discussions.

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Re: Take a look at history
Post # 3
Mesopitamia was the first civilsation. It was the place were the the first written rule book,the hammurabic code was born.
It had a parthnon of about ten gods. The most famous is Gilgamesh-most widely known for his epic. An early version of the Noahs Ark tale told in the bible.
As for the shamatic beliefs yes they were there in other cultures in other parts of the world who were still considered "Hunter Gathers" of sorts.
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