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Wand Making
Post # 1
I have a few pointers for making a wand.
First, you must look for the wood itself. Doing this in your birth month is perferable but not necessary. Look for a twig or branch that you feel calls to you and then take it home.

Secondly, you must carve it yourself. Remove bark ONLY if you feel you should. You could carve Runes, Pictographs, or anything else into the wand that YOU feel represent YOU. If you cut your finger or hand in the process, DON'T RUN SCREAMING TO STOP THE FLOW!!! Let your blood seep into your wand; making it TRULY yours. YOU CANNOT CUT YOURSELF ON PURPOSE! When you feel it is of the design you want that is when you can add things to it.

Thirdly, Depending on what type of magick you wish you use your wand for, will determain what stones, feathers, or element you need to add. My wand has a quartz crystal at the base because I use my wand for rituals concering Spirits. Blood stone, I've heard, is good for strength and love while amethyst, I've heard, is great for your own bonding with your soul and for meditation. Feathers are great for increasing the speed your spell works. Certain colored feathers speed the process or certain types of magick. DO NOT BUY COLORED FEATHERS FROM A STORE!!!! Search the area around your home of the woods that you found your base wand. A red Cardinal's feather helps with love spells and to strengthen your own heart or someone elses while Blue Jay feathers help with relaxation and soul calming. A yellow feather from a Canary will make luck spells come at a greater pace. However, if you were to find a pure white Swan's feather, you are truly blessed and it will help to purify your life.

Lastly, you must attach these items to your wand (leather or satin straps or ribbons prefered) and place it out of sight for 3 days. On the end of the third day, make a Pentagram using pen, pencil, dirt, stick, ect. and place the four elements on four of the points (the last point will be for your own spirit) Use Ash for Fire, Water, Dirt or leaves for Earth, and just be outside or near an open window for Air. Place your wand in the center and speak the following:

I call upon the Earth (touch the Earth point with your dominant hand)
I call upon the Air (touch the Air point with your opposite hand)
I call upon the Fire (touch the Fire point with your dominant hand)
I call upon the Water (touch the Water point with your opposite hand)
I call upon My own Spirit (touch the final point with both)
By the Will of the Gods and Goddesses and by the power of my Will, I ask that this Wand be blessed.
(Pick up the wand in your dominant hand and raise it to the Heavens)
I Promise that this wand be used for good, not ill.
I Promise that this wand be cared for.
I promise that this wand be used to Bless the Gods and the Goddesses.
I promise this and more, by your blessing, by my Faith, So mote it be!

Congratulations! You made a wand. Keep true to your promises and the Gods shall reward you.
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Re: Wand Making
Post # 2
I should try this sometime.
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Re: Wand Making
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Some good information. Hopefully it's the poster's original writing and not from some uncredited source.
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Re: Wand Making
Post # 4
what is prairie crabapple wood good for? related to magick if anything
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Re: Wand Making
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from General Info.
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Re: Wand Making
Post # 6
I have some sumac wood for making wands but I don't know of the correspondence and I have not been able to find anything about what kind of spell it would be most powerful to use it with, if any. At best guess, probably grey or black workings. Any thoughts?
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