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Looking for History
Post # 1
I'm new at this, I want to know more about the history first. Does anybody know what I need to read or do to find out?
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Re: Looking for History
Post # 2
google a history of witchcraft, and get comffie you'll be reading a very long time. the history of magic is as vast and varied as the people of earth. every culture and civilization has there mystic beliefs. so its not like a quick hope to the library for some light reading. magic predates the written word by thousands of years. in cultures and languages so old tome it's self has forgotten they ever existed. but hey best of luck
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Re: Looking for History
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Is there any particular area of study that interests you the most?

If you are willing to start at the beginning, you will find a lot of information laced through various works focusing on comparative religion. I suggest you supplement your material with as much general history and sociology as you can handle. If you wish, I can give you a short list.

It is a fascinating subject and one could spend a week, a month or several lifetimes sorting out the truth from the fiction as well as what is/was truly magical from what is/was masterful manipulation and fakery. How much work you want to put into this depends on what the journey means to you, at this point in your life.

Also, let me say that there seems to be no end to the material, old and new, that falls under the category of what I consider to be pure entertainment. To actually understand the nature of things and perfect your ability to cause a controlled, intentional, measurable effect, by the force of your own will, takes considerable commitment. Cheers!

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