best healing herbs?

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Forums -> Herbalism -> best healing herbs?

best healing herbs?
Post # 1
I plan on starting a garden, but don't have a whole lot of room for a huge garden. So, besides Aloe, what are the best three herbs for healing purposes?
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Re: best healing herbs?
Post # 2
I use herbs alot and i find that ther are always more reliable than spells. I often use Garlic fennel and cloves but i also use Lavender (very productive/gorws lots), bay leaf, rosemary, and lemon
i hope this helps xoxoxoxo
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Re: best healing herbs?
Post # 3

There are a ton of herbs for healing, so I'll just make a big long list so you can pick out the ones you can find in your area. :)

  1. Adders Tounge
  2. Allspice
  3. Amaranth (this is like a grain you can find in bulk at health food stores)
  4. Angelica (usually people use the root)
  5. Apple
  6. Lemon Balm
  7. Barley
  8. Bay
  9. Bittersweet
  10. Blackberry
  11. Braken
  12. Burdock
  13. Calamus
  14. Carnation
  15. Cedar
  16. Cinnoman
  17. Citron
  18. Coriander (you can find ground stuff at chain grocers, but it's not the best)
  19. Cotton
  20. Cowslip
  21. Cucumber
  22. Cypress
  23. Dock
  24. Elder (don't take off bark from the trunk or you'll kill the tree :( )
  25. Eucaliptus (very easy to grow)
  26. Fennel
  27. Flax (you can buy flax seeds at health food stores)
  28. Gardenia
  29. Garlic
  30. Ginseng
  31. Goats Rue
  32. Golden Seal
  33. Groundsel
  34. Heliotrope
  35. Hemp (you can get seeds at health food stores, you can also buy hemp clothing)
  36. Henna
  37. Hops
  38. Ivy
  39. Lime
  40. Mint
  41. Mugwort
  42. Oak (don't take bark off the trunk or I'll cry)
  43. Olive
  44. Onion
  45. Peppermint
  46. Pepper Tree (little red balls hanging from sticky long leaves)
  47. Persimmon
  48. Pine
  49. Plum
  50. Potato
  51. Rose
  52. Rosemary
  53. Rowan (Druids believe the first woman came from a Rowan tree; don't take bark from the trunk)
  54. Saffron
  55. Sandalwood
  56. Spearmint
  57. Thistle
  58. Thyme
  59. Tobacco
  60. Vervain
  61. Violet
  62. Willow (no trunk bark)
  63. Wintergreen

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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Re: best healing herbs?
Post # 4

Hey Siax,

your space problem will only cause you to:

-Get comfortable used to using the three herbs of your choice.

-Really take care of the three you have.

So I would not worry about it, as both of these are good things!

If I had to pick only three herbs to for a garden, I would choose:

-Aloe(Which you already plan for, and has amazing healing properties.)

-Lavender (Not only does it smell amazing, but it's scent calms, its oil can be directly applied to painful areas for relief, such as the temples for a headache and even the area of a cheek overlaying a toothache for relief. Its stalks with flowers double as a great gift in sachets, not to mention a delicious, calming tea for before bed. It is also a good additive to face wash.)

-Greater Plantain(Which has wide leaves, and is preferred over the ribwort because it has a more potent effect. This herb acts like a general cure all, it soothes broken or inflamed skin when applied to it. It counters infection and promotes wound healing, making it an amazing home-made ointment. Plus, tea from its leaves helps treat diarrhea, coughing, sore throat, hay fever and congestion.)

I hope this helps, Bastet bless your path Siax!

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Re: best healing herbs?
Post # 5
Thank you for your help Fayree, as well as for the blessing, So may Meridia's light shine on you!
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Re: best healing herbs?
Post # 6

You are very welcome, and many thanks for your own!

Good luck with that garden!

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Re: best healing herbs?
Post # 7
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