christian spies

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christian spies
Post # 1
I'm really starting to think this site is infested with spies of the cross and hate breeding variety!!

here's why

lack of faith in our beliefs
when ever any member posts any results from any spell, all they are met with is doubt, accusation, and the ever so popular "that's impossible"

any spell any creature listed is either "make believe", "fluff" or "impossible"
doubt spreads faster than cancer, and is a plague to spell casters!! that's why you are supposed to wait 24 hours after casting a spell to even write about it in your journal!! on the off chance you might doubt it!! it only take a seconds doubt to ruin any spell!!!

disbelief in any creature mythic or mystic

we ourselves are by definition magical creatures that most people say don't exist or have no real power ... hell the very gods we worship don't exist to most people!!

so if you don't believe go home, stop smearing your fecal doubt all over every thread and shouting "that's impossible" like a tree full of howler monkeys!! now before you say anything about being delusional western medicine considers any one not in mainstream muslim judao christian religions as mentally unsound with delusions of magical thinking and prescribe anti-psychotics!! so if you went to go tell your shrink the truth you whined up in a rubber room drooling on your self!! think I'm playing try it!! now I'm not saying every one that makes a post is on the level or even on the same planet but some should be given the benefit of the doubt at least... do you know why some of the more flashy magic is out of reach for you ..... CUASE YOU THINK IT IS !!!! I mean come on even christians know demons are real !!

Re: christian spies
Post # 2
First, I was a little mad. Then, I looked at your profile and saw the "chakra test."

Not everyone on this site identifies as a neo-pagan, pagan, reconstructionist, etc., so stop with the "our." There are a variety of people on this site. Even those that do identify within the Arabic Circle.

You've insulted your "fellow man" too. Life is not peaches and cream.

Re: christian spies
Post # 3
I honestly have not seen much doubt within the forums, unless it is with spells and/or rituals involving things such as turning into a werewolf, vampire, ect. As such spells and/or rituals do not exist.

Just because someone doubts does not mean they are a Christian. Stereotyping does not get you far in life.

Re: christian spies
Post # 4
no not every one in the mainstream is against the pagan world or magic life style, and yes I know the arab world has it's own mystic and very ancient beliefs. as for christains I've know some who where incredible open minded, not all are the same. give me some credit here. but if you think an organization like the vatican sworn to abolish every no believer and running amuck for 2000+ years un-check doesn't have plans for all pagans and non-christians you're delusional. not all christians are fear and hate mongers, I know but you really need to understand the inquisition isn't over! look it up!! all over Africa, third world Europe, and latin America people are still killed under suspicion of witchcraft. now since we in the usa and most of Europe have a freedom of religion they attack MY belief on places like this site.

Re: christian spies
Post # 5
You've made a post related to this before.

Re: christian spies
Post # 6
I think you are being overly paranoid about this. I highly doubt that the Christian church is out to eradicate all Pagans. They might not like the idea of these religions, but I don't see them gong around and trying to exterminate people either.

There are prejudice people of all faiths out there not just Christians. You are only focusing on one faith because they are more often associated with a dislike/disbelief of magic and all that goes with it. You are making this assumption based on their disagreement with your own beliefs. Do you have solid, factual proof that any of what you say is based in truth? I doubt it.

If people are being rude to you on this site it's more likely because you believe in the fluff stuff than because of your religious choices.

The reason they say that certain spells aren't possible is because they are in fact not possible. We also aren't "magical creatures." We are human beings that just figured out how to tap into the energies in the world around us and utilize them.

Take a step back and read over what you posted, even you have to admit it's off the wall.

Re: christian spies
Post # 7

I think if we're saying Christians are inherently "doubters" of anything, we have to actually use facts. I don't see any circumstance where Christians specifically are pointing out that magic can not break the laws of physics, that's just everyone.

The Christians on this site aren't "spies," and the Catholics from today don't necessarily believe in killing witches.

I'm bothered by "even Christians know demons are real;" here's why. Many people on this site do believe in demons, and are not necessarily Christians. Christians don't believe demons can necessarily do all of the things that many people on this site believe they can.

Honestly, I'm not sure if you're consulting facts to gather your opinions or just trying to be a contrarion.

Re: christian spies
Post # 8
Spiraldance - 'Catholics from today don't necessarily believe in killing witches.' is a very well worded statement and I agree that even though we need to keep a watch on things it is not a current fear that we must completely hide for. As far as conversion... I get too many knocks on my doors to turn to Jesus. That is very active and alive in the Christian practice.

Re: christian spies
Post # 9

I once asked if I wanted to be a mormon when I was getting a passport at the post office. Conversion is definitely a big thing now.

Re: christian spies
Post # 10
I would like to point out that many christian holidays have been modified from their celtic and pagan roots. Halloween was known as Samhain Christmas as Yule Easter was Ostara and the list goes on.

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