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Spell Suggestions
Post # 1
Hi everyone,
I casted a spell to make my ex think of me and it worked for awhile. However, I tried casting the same spell as it seemed to be not working anymore. This time, it did not work and I have not heard from him for 3 days.
Any ideas if I should cast a different spell to make him think of me? It is a Friday late afternoon from where I am so I would appreciate all the help I can get.
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Re: Spell Suggestions
Post # 2

I don't think it was the spell that was making him think of you,more likely that he missed you within those days,most likely that he still thinks of you but doesn't want to say it to you.

I think that you should leave mind to mind,heart to heart in other words try talking to him about being back together assuming that he doesn't have a new girlfriend and assuming that he is not in any negative nature towards you which can and will make him walk away even further from you.

Though I see a lot of Honey Jar spells being used so you may want to use that one.
If you can't use that spell,for an unknown reason,then try praying,once in the morning and once in the evening and express that prayer in the form of a wish that he remembers you that you want him positively aligned to you,do this 3 nights in a row.

If that doesn't work or you don't want to do that then the only other two options left are get together with him and sit down and talk about it OR try to get over him.

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Re: Spell Suggestions
Post # 3
Thanks Islam...
We've been together for more than a year but broke up because of other factors (or so he says) but apparently still loves me. I don't know much about how men think and would base it on what you have said. Fingers crossed, we will be seeing each other soon but I do not know how it will be. 3 day after our break-up, he called me and has been e-mailing me daily since. Then everything stopped 3 days ago with his last e-mail telling me he is looking forward to seeing me in a few days.
Do you have any suggestion on what spell I can use to fix this so we have a greater chance of getting back together besides the honey jar?
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Re: Spell Suggestions
Post # 4

I think that in this case the best spell would be that you two meet and talk it out and igure out what you want,what you are missing and what you want to have :)

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