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Looking for Help in AP
Post # 1
Hello, i was wondering if someone would be so kind to mentor me into becoming fluent in AP. I have had multiple lucid dreams and read most, if not all, the articles on this site about AP and just cant seem to grasp onto it. I am more of a one on one learner and realize this is not something i can just learn over night, but i want someone to help me ease into it better and answer unfulfilled questions about it. I have done the "basics" of magick multiple times throughout the past. If anyone think they could help me id really be grateful and would appreciate it a lot. Send me a message whenever is best convenient with you. Thanks, much love.
- Cody
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Re: Looking for Help in AP
Post # 2
Sure I'll help you as best Ican. I've ap a lot. I 'm guessing since you have read all the articles on it you've got the basic technique down. But you should understand those are more like guidelines and actual Ap is a very personnal experience so don't be too hard on yourself if you can't do it right away. I don't mean to sound critical but when it comes to the ability to AP I think it is just like any other talent, not all people posses it. Like drawing or singing some people are more naturally inclined than others. But keep trying & don't over think it. I think a lot of people over think it and the whole key is to relax. It is a very personal meditation experience so try to make it your own. For me I usually do it on nights when I'm physically exhausted but my mind is still wide awake. I'm a bit of a insomniac. I put on incense (any one will do as long as YOU find it soothing) relax and just visualize sweeping with a broom all the thoughts out of my head. Then I visualize slowly climbing up a silver never ending staircase from the base of my brain to a window in the middle of my forehead my 3rd eye. Imagine looking out, outside is your destination visualize it....ex. the next room, your friends house,etc. What does it look like, the color, furniture, whose there, etc. Once you clearly see it then visualize yourself reaching for the window latch, open it and jump out.
I can always tell when I'm astral projecting because for me everything is always gray and a little grainy like a old black & white movie, dunno if this is typical or not. Also when I was first starting i found it seemed to help when I wore a silver ring with turquoise and having a quartz point or rainbow moonstone under my pillow. I hope this helps you. If you have any questions or need more tips just message me.
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Re: Looking for Help in AP
Post # 3

I have read a few things in Astrol projection.....

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