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Post # 1
I have come to the realization that im stronger than my friends and that i think i maybe on a new level because we i become content or when i let me full self be known people begin to get dizzy and or pass out from the density of it but those who can sense and are aware of my abilites that stop and dont move they just look at me... they say what they feel from when i do this even though im not casting or anything they feel a heavy void like something so massive yet it has feel to it but what u feel seems to be nothing at all... which is the reason i tend to not "battle" other people they end up getting hurt both physically and spritually sometiems it might be mentally.... i let the i guess you can call her an overseer of our county or whatever but she is one of the best people i know and when i first meet her i was confused and dizzy like i dont know what see said that i have been practicing so much and doing so much with energy that my body and mind have coped to fit the lifestyle i have been doing repeatedly trying improve me but not only that she said that im on the level of someone who has what we call "asended" this was like two months ago and recently in the past weel i have expreinced this "ascension" that i have heard of and word of advice its not fun nor does it feel good in anyway i felt helpless and in constant pain all over my body it was even hard to cast spells and use energy but im over it now and feel better than ever plus i tested out what this "ascension" had instore cause moma told be that when this happens you are able to tap into your core with ease and have almost full access to your energy source (now keep in mind that before this i already had such abilites) so i tryed this energy manipilation ability i created on my friend and he and i saw itstarting to manifest and we were shocked when it happened... after all this said does anybody know what i should do? or how i should take this news? or what do you think it means? i have my ideas and im going to learn somemore about this but i just wanted to see if anyone has some input
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Re: Realization
Post # 2

Without punctuation it is difficult to understand what you are saying. The only part I could glean from reading this was that you were in pain and were attributing it to spiritual forces.

I would suggest you visit a medical professional and get the proper treatment for the pain you are feeling.

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Re: Realization
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
To asscend is to be on the same level of the the source. You would know if you were asscended, you wouldn't need to be told. It'd be like if you were the equivilent of Jesus or Buddha. You could have started the process but that still takes time
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Re: Realization
Post # 4
Ascending is painless. Actually it is quite the opposite. There are many levels and types to ascend from, so I suppose not all would be identical, but it should not physically hurt. There is an emotional part that may stress you out at first, but it is for the greater good. The steps to enlightenment cannot be told. Time will tell. There are many who call attention to others energy, these people tend to be great public speakers and such. But also, working with energy for a long time can/will have profound affects on your interaction with foreign energies. Your body(ies) may draw on nearby energies or cause discomfort, depending on your mood. There is a post somewhere entitled Psychic Vamires 101. Great read for new energy users. Blessed, we.
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Re: Realization
Post # 5
hmmm thanks for all you have given i guess ill know when i have risen and if i experinced wasnt and im stronger now i cant wait to rise and also i got over it my body was just pushed to far and i need to rest awhile again thank you all for the information
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