New to Magick overall

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New to Magick overall
Post # 1
Hey everyone.
I am pretty new to this whole idea. Ive always read about it and was interested in the idea of magick. However, I never had the time nor money to actually research it quite thorughly. So if something required me to either borrow a book from the library or buy a book or anything I would have to ask my parents for the money or a ride to the library as a kid. Which in turn would get a rather drastic thats a bunch of mumbo jumbo speech from my step father and the whole thats worshipping the devil from my deeply rooted Christian grandmother.

Being grown, Now I can really look into what I can and get information with out the judgement from family. I am the type of learner that I must practice something in order to fully grasp the idea of something. I am strong in my knowledge of Social Sciences and languages. History especially. I know a lot about the history of the world and how most beliefs if not all have done nothing but evolve into more including the belief of Christianity and todays most common religions. Now all I want is more information on how it all evolved from and what exactly it is. I believe that todays religions are deeply rooted in the world of Magick and the Occult. So here I am trying to find things to practice and see how it all really works. Any tips or advice? Maybe some more sources to check out?

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Re: New to Magick overall
Post # 2
Hi,I'm actually where you once were and I have doing this for five years secretly and all I can do is say good luck on your practices with magick.
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Re: New to Magick overall
Post # 3
As a beginner my first book I actually read about magick was "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" by Scott Cunningham, and while I don't consider myself as wiccan, I found that the book was a great starting point to learn more about magick and some of it's origins. But no matter where you look different sources are always going to have slightly altered stories about magick's origins, some say it's origins are Celtic, some say that it's Italian, some say it's Egyptian. Either way, all of these cultures did have a part to contribute in the history of magick, along with many other cultures and countries since magick, even if it's practiced differently by each culture, is for the most part universal.
My personal suggestion is to browse the site, or even go to a new age bookstore or a new age section in a book store and just look at book titles. Explore what there is, and you might find a lot that piques your interest. Once I read about wicca I myself became interested in candle craft and working with herbs.
Hope this helps a bit :)
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Re: New to Magick overall
Post # 4
Are you sure? Satan can take on many forms.

Such as a blue-eyed girl, leaning against a soda machine, at a "certain" convention ...

( getting hit, getting hit, getting hit )


Seriously, though. Congratulations, on coming a man of your own destiny.

May I suggest, looking at the books, in this site's online store. At least you'll know, what paths are out there for you, and can research each path more via internet.

Farther down these forums, they split into threads for certain path types. Articles written by knowledgeable people, who are more than happy to answer your inquires (just don't tell them I sent ya).

The rest of SoM, seems rather useful, as well. Cruise through the tabs, at the top of the site, to see what I mean.
I would take the spellbook tab, with a "grain of salt", as a number of "spells" there are good for a laugh.


Good luck.

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Re: New to Magick overall
Post # 5
Thanks everyone. I must say that though I am new to this realm of the idea... I am not new altogether. I know about Egyptian mysticism and the Kabbalah... Well I am in the midst of studying the Kabbalah as we speak. But I do know the history of Magick and where it originates. But yet again thank you for the advice.
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Re: New to Magick overall
Post # 6
Theres alot on youtube and on this site. But dont believe it all alot doesnt work. Im new as well so.. Yah
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