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spirt parsites
Post # 1
lately I see these creatures like see through spirits and they seem to feed off my anger sorrow and discomfort I have tried defense attack spells banishing spells once I even tried a death spell but to know avail but when was attacking them they let them selves get hit and they seem endless they just stare and they only try to upset me when I'm happy or starting to feel good about myself like when I lose weight that's when they attack me or when I laugh at a funny movie but they don't seem to want hurt me just make me miserable what could they be and is there anything I can do to get rid of them input is greatly welcomed please answer as quickly as possible blessed be
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Re: spirt parsites
Post # 2
I know what you're referring to. but don't know what they are called. best I can figure they are some kind of nether rat mystic vermin. harmless in small numbers but large quantities, well its like being slowly nibbled to death by mice! they feed on discord and negative energy ... so like any other pest starve them out or get a predatory familiar ... instead of using attack spells use blessings healing charms any hostile attacks just draw more best of luck had something like them once annoying more than any thing
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Re: spirt parsites
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I agree with the last post. Thins of the darker nature feed off our dark psyche. So if your feeling not soo happy with something, like looks, go to the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful you are, or other forms of positive self talk. If there close when you laugh and are happy, then stay happy they are miserable, let them be , they can;t have your happy, so laugh harder.. Mostly keep up the good spirits and it'll help.. Cleansing ,or depending on your path, blessings are good to sweep your area of that negativity, that is there previously so you could start with a new area and attitude.. Good luck ..Keep smiling too..
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Re: spirt parsites
Post # 4
any one know what the hell they are called any way I even googled it
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Re: spirt parsites
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Puts me in mind of nargles..thank you Ms. Rowlings and Ms. Lovegood for the morning smile. Ivy, if you feel this perhaps you should be sure to cast a protective circle before any casting or other craft work. Build up your personal protecticion and be very sure not to let your imagination get the best of you.
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