Visits to a local grave.

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Visits to a local grave.
Post # 1
Does anyone here ever go out to a graveyard here to offer prayers for the dead? If so, how do you think one should go about praying? Do you think that they should pray to a higher power, or to the dearly departed?

Personally: I go out, with my unfinished staff and dressed in all black. I go to the graveyard, and kneel at a few graves and offer my thanks for being a member of the Earth and returning their essence to that which they've risen from.

On Full Moon nights (93-100% Full) I offer my thanks to the fundamentally good spirits. Without them, the world would be a dark and cruel place.

On New Moon nights (0-5% Full) I offer luck to the fundamentally bad spirits and wish them well in their next incarnation.

Anywho, just my thoughts.
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Re: Visits to a local grave.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are a few grave yards that are very old where I live and unkept. I go a lot and clean up the graves and even plant flowers sometimes, but I ask first. I also talk with some of the spirits that choose to stay there and offer thaks and prays to them. Just random ones, like thanks for letting me come and visit and thanks for what they have done living and not.

I like some grave yards, but you have to be very careful. Some don't like visitors, some will follow you home if your don't put up propert protection, a lot of times you will get barbarded by them (as has happened to me) about questions and quests for talking to family members or help. I am careful on where I go.
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