help on tarrot reading.

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> help on tarrot reading.

help on tarrot reading.
Post # 1
okay, so lately i've done a tarrot reading from the site's homepage.. but some of the cards seem to show the reverse...
can anyone help me do this reading? a few of them seem important for my future.

my cards:
The first house - Aries - describes the inquirer.
Card:The High Priestess - Indicates a Sixth Sense or hightened perception.

The second house - Taurus - denotes finances and material goods.
Card:The Sun - Happiness and vitality.

The third house - Gemini - short journeys and communications.
Card:Page of Cups - A gentile, imaginative child.

The fourth house - Cancer - home and family.
Card:8 of Wands (reversed) - Trying to get things done can end in mistakes.

The fifth house - Leo - pleasure, romance and creativity.
Card:Justice - Indicates a decision or a choice.

The sixth house - Virgo - health matters and day to day work.
Card:Page of Pentacles (reversed) - An introverted child.

The seventh house - Libra - partnerships, personal and business.
Card:3 of Cups (reversed) - Over-indulgence can be expected.

The eighth house - Scorpio - denotes deaths, major changes, inheritance and sexuality.
Card:2 of Swords (reversed) - Think very carefully.

The ninth house - Sagittarius - long distance travel and philosophy of life.
Card:7 of Wands - A strugle.

The tenth house - Capricorn - career.
Card:9 of Cups - Contentment, good health and success.

The eleventh house - Aquarius - friends.
Card:8 of Cups - Emotionally moving away.

The twelfth house - Pisces - hidden things, unconscious wishes and fears.
Card:Wheel of Fortune (reversed) - Bad luck is on it's way.
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Re: help on tarrot reading.
Post # 2
EDIT: sorry, didn't mean the reverse.. i can't really get a view out of these cards if you try to make a fortune of them. although i do recognize alot in my life.
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Re: help on tarrot reading.
Post # 3
No offense but site's tarot readings are really random, its just a computer program hope you know that

I mean they might be accurate for few but for me its like "What are they talking about?"

IMO a spread should have just 1 or 3 cards so you can really know whats going one...

Anyways you should visit biddytarot or learntarot sites and see what reversed cards mean... they are very detailed :)
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Re: help on tarrot reading.
Post # 4
Technically the electronically generated readings can be just as accurate as one done with cards. The cards have the same chance of being chosen either way.

There is also no set amount of cards a spread should have. I have even seen spreads using full or multiple decks. The purpose and clarity of those readings are based on the set of if the spread and the reader's ability not how many cards there are.

Also spreads differ from drawings. With a drawing you simply draw how ever many cards you are going ti read and read them with no other context. In a spread, the position withbin the spread has its own meaning and you use that as context for how the card in interpereted.
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Re: help on tarrot reading.
Post # 5
Forexample the position of the last card in the spread is for " hidden fears and hopes" and the wheel of fortune indicates cycles. Reversed and in that position it indicates that the reader is worried aboutupcoming eevents and circimstances going wrong.
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