My dream, any ideas?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> My dream, any ideas?

My dream, any ideas?
Post # 1
Hi! I'm new here. I need to ask you about my repeating theme in a dream.

I frequently shapeshift into a dragon in my dreams. There is usually some kind of a threat and I overcome it by turning into a dragon. Before these I had this dream that older shapeshifter taught me to turn, and then these dragon dreams started. I turn when I want to, sort of lucid dreaming, thought I do not always know that I'm dreaming. I'm never really scared in these dreams. Any ideas what they might mean? Too vivid imagination?
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Re: My dream, any ideas?
Post # 2
It might be an active imagination, but it could also be your spiritual self trying to tell you something. It could mean you should beware of your future, beware of people close to you, beware of people NOT close to you, etc.
Mainly, what I see here is how you're being guided by a master who has taught you enough to keep you safe. Heed what he/she has thought you and keep the wisdom at hand!
(Sorry, when I answer something, I'm always giving a dodgy answer.)
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Re: My dream, any ideas?
Post # 3
Thanks. This was helpful. Though now I have to find out how to contact this teacher of mine :). I've had similar dreams where someone teaches/guides me, I guess it is the same entity. Somehow I believe it's male.
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Re: My dream, any ideas?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

As a foot note, I'd like to add that I don't believe that there's such a thing as 'too vivid' an imagination. The imagination is a very powerful tool in magick, and like a knife that might be 'too sharp', is a most effective tool, so long as the lines between what is and is not appropriate for it's use are firmly in place :)

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Re: My dream, any ideas?
Post # 5
The truth of the matter is, dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious, so only you know the true answer as to what these dreams mean and what they entail. Maybe you should do some soul-searching.

This is a little bias advice, but here goes: I think you should try some artistic endeavor. You clearly are into fantasy and other similar genres, it is materializing in the form of dragons and mythical creatures. Therefore, perhaps you should attempt drawing, writing, or music. It's a good outlet for all this imagination, and you wouldn't want it to go to waste.

Keeping all this artistic energy bottled up is truly criminal. It's practically human nature to be artists. With all this fresh creativity, try your hand at showing yourself what you are capable of!
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