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starting out.
Post # 1
Hi I just was wondering how to start out with AP. So if anyone knows that would be great.
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Re: starting out.
Post # 2
Well if you are just starting, I would suggest studying AP so you will be prepared.

Here are some techniques.

(Gazing Technique) Pick an object that you can view from your bed or chair. Concentrate on the object, and be completely relaxed. You will feel your eyes getting heavy, ignore this and continue to stare. Eventually your eyes will close. If you still see the object in your mind, you have succeeded. You will feel and urge to sit/stand up. Do so, and if you see your physical body sleeping it has worked. You may fall asleep a few types when doing the technique, just practice and you will eventually AP.

(Rope Technique) Lay in your bed, or sit in a chair. Completely relax your body, and DO not move. You will feel an urge to move, this is your body asking if your mind is awake. Resist the temptation. Fall into the hypnotic state (near sleep). In order to not fall asleep, focus on a object and do not let the thought slip away. If you have done the steps correctly, you should have sleep paralysis, or your body should feel heavy. You may feel intense vibrating, to buzzing sounds, and light tingling. This is a symptom to a successful AP. Do not leave when the tingling starts. That will make your AP short and blurry. When the vibrating ceases, it is time to separate. Visualize a robe dangling above you. Do not physically but mentally climb onto the rope, until you feel completely separated. Then you have Astral Projected!

I really suggest the gazing technique if you are just starting out.

If you want to find a good video of astral projection I suggest watching "Spirit Science Astral Projecting".

Hope this helps!

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Re: starting out.
Post # 3
If you try to use the methods lumos gave you, and it don't work and you tried a bunch of times, I would suggest looking up Paul Santisi's ap recording. If you follow the instructions, you may achieve ap on the second try like I did. First time I tried it, I got to the vibration stage, but got excited and snapped myself out of it. Good luck! :D
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Re: starting out.
Post # 4
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Re: starting out.
Post # 5
Next time you're in a bookstore, look for books with the term "Out of Body Experience" on them. It's what scientists call 'astral projection', though their perception of what you are capable of and what you are experiencing in this state is different, both sides of the spectrum will teach you HOW to get there; and that's most important.

You will find the term "Astral Projection" more commonly in the New Age section. Read some books on the topic, and soon you'll find yourself knowledgable enough on the topic to practice. Once you practice, you can start giving your own unique opinions of what the experience is and how it is useful to human existence.
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Re: starting out.
Post # 6
wow i have read loads on ap but never got a good picture of what to look out for and felling and all from how u have explained it i have got further than i thought
can i say a BIG THANK YOU
i will defiantly try again tonight xx
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