draconic language power

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draconic language power
Post # 1
I wishto speak to those who follow the draconic language of power. I've heard little of you but i do know you have no physical location. The land where the sky is black, the air is red, and the trees glow i wish to speak with one of you.
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Re: draconic language power
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Everyone on this site is a physical human being. The concept of spiritual entities that are dragons is rooted in the perception of spirits that are simply so immense in scope that many people perceive them as dragons - the mind, after all, perceives spiritual beings in such a way as to convey to us their nature.

As for the rest of "Dragon Magick," it is born largely of the musings of DJ Conway, and that's about it.

Otherwise, I have no idea where you get your information and wish you luck in your search for non-corporeal beings on the internet.
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Re: draconic language power
Post # 3
Their are these priest in the physical world that have a power to speak the dragon language and use its power. i have found one person before and im still trying to talk to him but i would like to see if their are any on this site. Im not simply looking for someone with knowledge in dragon magick but some one who's familiar with what i said previously. From what little that has been described to me in the past its similar to the thume in the elder scrolls game skyrim but its not the same language and may work differently.
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Re: draconic language power
Post # 4
As cool and fun as Skyrim is, it's not real life. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but if you're asking for help from the people here, I must say that making Skyrim real life is impossible. There are plenty of resources to learn about dragon magic, but none that will live up to the infamous Skyrim. My advice is to keep gaming and keep your gaming world separate from the physical one, or things will end up like they did in that Spy Kids movie that we all know and love.
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Re: draconic language power
By: / Novice
Post # 5
while there is a draconic language and runes, what you say smacks rather hard of someone who has read Conways books and followers her fluffy teachings. so you might want to be less mystical and more straight forward. i have studied Dragon Magick for about 5 years now and i'm confused with what you're asking exactly.
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