Two Spells Needed

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Two Spells Needed
Post # 1
I want to have a stronger connection with my spirit guide. I'm not sure if I should cast a summon spell or some type of spiritual spell.

Another thing; let's just say that there isn't anyone in particular who I'm romantically interested in. I want a spell that can guide a potential 'suitor', 'partner', 'lover', whatever you want to call it, towards me, if that makes sense.

I don't have nor can afford materials for spells, which is why I find written spells more convenient, so written spells are strongly preferred.
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Re: Two Spells Needed
Post # 2
You may actually have the ingredients in your home kitchen. Cumin, ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, chamomile, apples, apricots, and vanilla. These are all very common kitchen ingredients. All of them have some sort of love or attraction properties. All of these things are also edible. You can make a strong tea by binding the herbs and spices in a thin cloth and tying it up like a tea bag and steeping them in water for an half hour. After its done steeping, add some honey and drink it, either during the waxing moon or the full moon, and make sure your heart has pure intent and clear visualization of your desire. These can also be put into a hot bath to soak in during the same moon phases.

As for spirit guide connection, you should probably isolate yourself for at least an hour in a quiet place and meditate on the bond with your guide. Don't think about what it looks like or what it could be or how it can help you, just focus on connecting. Burning a stout strong smelling herb, incense, or candle can help you keep alert while focusing. Do cast a protection spell before or drink a protective tea (bay leaves are excellent for protection) and keep a journal near you to document any encounters. Hope this helps!
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Re: Two Spells Needed
Post # 3
From what I've learned about spirit guides they will reveal themselves in time and when you need them if you would like to make a connection and have a problem meditating (some do like myself) try a guided meditation on youtube I know there are some to help with spirit guides sometimes they can even come though dreams start a dream journal ASAP (if you haven't already. As for the romantic spell I can't help with but I wish you luck in all of that...Hope I helped a little :)
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Re: Two Spells Needed
Post # 4
Thank you both for the suggestions. I really appreciate it. c:
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