Overactive chakra?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Overactive chakra?

Overactive chakra?
Post # 1
Hi all I have a question, from the description I believe my heart chakra is already over active...

So can I skip balancing my heart chakra?
I listen to music that has 10 minutes each for each chakra...

BTW how do you find out how open/active your chakras are?
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Re: Overactive chakra?
Post # 2
Hi Vini,
No you dont want to skip balanceing your heart chakra. What you want to do is balance all your chakras all the time.
The heart chakra is both a receptive and expressive chakra meaning it takes in and puts out energy. It can become damaged and blocked, we use it alot more than we think.
Listening to music is great. But you also need a clearing and repairing routine. Visulise each chakra individually. Look for blocks,cords,etc. If the chakra is too open,fix it. Chakras are conical shaped and attached to your spine, picture each of your chakras this way, clear and bright like luminous light.
Try that to start it may help you with your issue. Good luck.

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Re: Overactive chakra?
Post # 3
Each chakra relies on different emotional responses. When we hold negative attachments, it causes a clog in the energy circulation through the part of our body that acts as the center forge of that emotion. You can unblock chakras by releasing and letting go of negative emotional attachments that are related to each specific chakra. Once you do that, the chakra center will open on its own and the energy can flow more clearly without disruption.
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Re: Overactive chakra?
Post # 4
Really scared, I have seen comments people generally cry after opening heart chakra and so far I have controlled my tears! I'm not doing it :(
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Re: Overactive chakra?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i have a few overactive chakra's, i just breeze past them. i still go through the exercise of visualizing the chakra and cleansing it, but unlike my root or throat chakra [always rather closed] i spend maybe a minute and move on to the next one. this way i spend time cleansing it, and help the energy flow to the next one in the chain.
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