Want to Be a Wiccan?

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Want to Be a Wiccan?
Post # 1
I want to learn magic and have power to be a true Wiccan(white magic) Please can someone teach me? is there a school for this? To cast spells that will work cause I know I don't have the power because I'm just a beginner, I have cast a few love spells but I'm not a Wiccan and I don't have that power yet to cast successfully so could I be an apprentice to someone is someone out there willing to teach me the ways of being a Wiccan?? Please Eager Student?
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Re: Want to Be a Wiccan?
Post # 2
First, I think you should learn what Wicca is. It is a religion based on pre-Christian beliefs that incorporates magick into its practices. It is not white magick (magick has no color). If you want to be Wiccan, then read the Wiccan Rede and study up on it on your own.
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Re: Want to Be a Wiccan?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

As Andromeda said, Wicca is not all about casting spells. You can do that without being Wiccan at all. Wicca is a very specific religion with very specific beliefs and practices. If you're interested in Wicca as a religion then I'd suggest the following resources:

''A Witch Alone'' by Marian Green
''The Elements of Ritual'' by Deborah Lipp
''Witchcrafting'' by Phyllis Curott
''21st Century Wicca'' by Jennifer Hunter
''Before You Cast a Spell'' by Carl McColman
''When, Why...If'' by Robin Wood
''Practical Pagan'' by Dana Eilers
''Wicca; A Year and a Day'' by Timothy Roderick

You can also find the recommended reading list that my coven uses at:

Here's some websites that you may find useful in helping you with questions. (this is my own coven site.)

Hope this helps you get started. You might also want to read through the "stuck" topics in the Wicca Forum for more information.

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