Advice on a binding spell

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Advice on a binding spell
Post # 1
I want to try the binding spell the evil eye curse that is listed on the site however I am a bit afraid. I read the warnings that could happen and will follow those instructions. I am new to this!!! This will be my fist go at a spell also. Has anyone tried this spell? Offer any advice or additional info? Should I be worried about it causing harm to me? I am not trying to cause harm to the person but just want them to back off on the shady things they do to my family.
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Re: Advice on a binding spell
Post # 2
A binding spell is your first time trying a spell?!?! That's not a good idea even if you're very experienced! The spell can easily backfire of hurt someone. Plus, binding spells are supposed to be a last resort, when you haven't tried anything else yet.
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Re: Advice on a binding spell
Post # 3
Yes, I agree with the person above. If you are now planning on doing your first spell it should definitely not be this one. It is highly possible to backfire.
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Re: Advice on a binding spell
Post # 4
I agree with the latter. Binding spells are intermediate level spells; strong ones are advanced. The one you would like to perform is an intermediate because it's fairly easy to counter.

However, to do an evil eye associated binding makes it harder to perform properly and thus significantly reduces your rate of success with it. I would not advise it for one reason only- because it associates the evil eye, which, if done properly, has a very bad effect on the anatomy of the third eye and crown chakra. What I meant to say is that it harms the other one, if not you in the process.

Never do a binding that can harm another. My advice to you, friend, is that lesser is better in this case. Find an easier spell to perform and one that would not harm, only banish them away from you. A binding should be your third option. Try a banishing first. To proper bind someone requires more skill and you can get equal amount of success with a simpler banishing.

Best regards and good luck :)
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