Snake, Silver, and Trees

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Snake, Silver, and Trees
Post # 1
Usually I am able to understand most of my dreams, but this one has me completely lost. Here is the short version.


I dont remember how it started off:

The room was separated from the rest of the house by a floor-to-ceiling glass window. The floor and wall was made up of vines and large tree limbs.

There were 4 people in the room: Me (male), another guy, a female, and my mom. The 3 of us were trying to protect my mom from a black snake that was trying to kill her.

When the snake first attacked the guy changed into a silver half human, half bear. The snake was moving under the ground but I could see it, which the guy defended against. The second time, when the snake tried again I turned into a silver half human, half wolf and caught it in my hands. I kept ripping its head off and attempting to turn its body into silver to kill it, but its head kept regenerating until it grew its body long enough to escape. The last time it attacked the girl wore a wood bracelet that turned into silver and called it thorn.

Before she could try and defend my mother, I woke up.


Can anyone give any insight on what this dream could mean, or is it just a dream?
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Re: Snake, Silver, and Trees
Post # 2
Snakes may represent hidden worries or fears that have yet to surface. It may also be telling you about a person that cannot be trusted. On a more positive note, the snake could mean positive change or wisdom.

Silver typically symbolizes tranquility and confidence.

Those are just my interpretations of the two seemingly most common themes of your dream. There is a chance that it is just a dream, but if you want a meaning there it is.
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