Handfasting - post break

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Handfasting - post break
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I am not sure this will all make sense ?
About two years ago I ended a 4 year relationship. The relationship was very intense on a spiritual level but could be pretty chaotic. It was definitely one that transcended this lifetime. We very much felt the deep connection of marriage before we ever became married. We were legally married and also preformed a private hand fasting ceremony. We split up two years ago and received a legal divorce. For two years we had very minimal contact. About six months ago I started seeing somebody else. When we first kissed (unexpectedly) I broke down in tears and was flooded with feelings for my ex ? I felt like I was betraying him. I ended that short relationship and contacted my ex. We have been in contact now for a few months. And through many conversations both confirmed that we still love one another deeply but are not sure it is wise to get back together. I asked him if he had tried to undo the hand fasting ceremony and he said no. I have thought about it but have not been able to do it either. Recently while travelling alone I asked for guidance about it and two night hawks flew up from the rocks I was near. This is highly significant because shortly after the hand fasting we were hiking and a night hawk flew right up to us at chest level and circled us 12 times, we spun with it, together, counting, dizzy we had to stop and it flew off. My ex said something about how it wound us together. My question is about this bond, in ceremony you state or it is implied ?as long as your love shall last? but that may last longer than you should be together? How do you separate this bond? Or do you? In our ceremony we bound our intentions to one another and tied the cord to a young tree, with the intention they would grow and mature over time. I do not see magic as a single event but more as a living growing being you feed with intention. And although we have separated on some level this is not our true intention or we would have moved on. Right?
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