Healer's Seal

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Healer's Seal
Post # 1
One thing I've done a few times with varying success rates is to take two pieces of paper and draw identical symbols on each. The symbol has always been the different for every "case" and I made it up myself so it would have personal meaning to me. What I would do then is give one to a friend and told them to focus on it whenever they had a headache or stomach ache or cramps etc. and I'd keep the other in a safe place and focus my own energy on it in a healing manner. I've had some tell me it works and others tell me it didn't. The latter are the people who didn't follow my instruction to keep it on them at all times.

With a bit more experimentation, I may consider posting this. It'd help if some others would try it out themselves and give feedback on the results.
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Re: Healer's Seal
Post # 2
I'm willing... but I never get headaches, only slight depressions and sadness, can it work on that?
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Re: Healer's Seal
Post # 3
Very Cool!! I like the idea alot. Symbols signs and seals have been used in many cutures and religions through out history.
Good luck with your experiment, I hope it proves effective.
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Re: Healer's Seal
Post # 4
@vini.p I've yet to do any tests on emotional effects, but if it could help, it's worth a shot. The only problem is I have no idea how to go about giving you your seal. The two have to be completely identical which means I can't just describe it to you and you draw it and if I just upload an image for you to trace, I feel like it could be used by others to either leech off the spell or figure out some way to use it for less than good purposes.

Each seal has always had some symbolism to it in regards to the person it's for, even though I made it up completely at random each time. Kind of like a rorschach I suppose. There is one constant element I tend to use, however, which is an ankh with only a half circle on the left side (imagine a backwards P with a line through it) with unique variations each time.
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Re: Healer's Seal
Post # 5
Upload seal on some site like tinypic and send me its link on message...

I will download and focus :)

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