Fertility Spell?

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Fertility Spell?
Post # 1
Hello, my boyfriend and I, of two years, are trying to have a child.
He does not know i spell cast and what not, i don't intend on telling him. But i would like a spell to help me get pregnant, if not to just increase my fertility.
I have looked at some spells but they all require me to involve him in the ritual.
Please if you can suggest a spell where he doesn't have to be directly involved, that would be fantastic. Thank you :)
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Re: Fertility Spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I'd look more towards natural ways than magical. There are many ways to increase your fertility such as changing your diet to foods that work in such a way (fatty dairy products, plant protein, etc), checking ovulation, etc.
All completely google-able with many websites out there dedicated to this sort of thing.

I'd give some thought to trying to have a child with someone you seem to feel you can't be honest with though. There will be two of you (presumably) raising that child and it's probably better to work out spiritual beliefs before actually conceiving.
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Re: Fertility Spell?
Post # 3
You already have your own magick ICP magick or whatever, stick with that, I know you are already good with that and besides it's probably the only thing you understand. Stick with your dark gods and demon clowns and jesters and cards and all that, if you were born with that dark energy be with ICP, but remember the magick creeds, for example since your religion claims to be with Christianity then it would mean that blessed and you shall be blessed, cursed and you shall be cursed. So either stick with the positive and do things positive such as the light or stick with the evil and the negative the demons clowns and what not. But remember evil will only make you suffer. Blessed be!
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Re: Fertility Spell?
Post # 4
Also one more thing, if you curse whether it's a prayer or a curse then spirits will torment you and bother you, you will see shadows, scary things, it will hurt and harm you during the day and during the night and it will make you feel icky, tired, terrible and cursed, so stick with the light instead of the darkness, it may be that you were blessed with the light instead, blessed be!
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