Evening...some curiousity

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Evening...some curiousity
Post # 1
My name is Seth. I come from Oban, Scotland. I've been trying to research some modern-age practice of witchcraft for a paper I am writing. I came across this site and read the instructions for the castings of a few spells and whatnot. I'm wondering how many, if any, of you have had any success with these? I come from old world pagans. We don't actually have a name to categorise whatever "religion" we may practice. I have never personally practiced because I have seen the toll it takes upon the faces of those who do, in my family. I have witnessed things most people could only imagine with the help of a movie. Anyways, I am very curious as to who among the American population has had luck with their practices. My aunt, whom was responsible for my experiences, has only prayed in Gaelic, Aramaic, and Latin. So, I'm curious as to how spells recited in English favour.
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Re: Evening...some curiousity
Post # 2
I dont cast spells very often and I hate that term actually. For me magic is a transformative process, one to aide my souls higher journey. I use a lot of trance/altered states to communicate with my guides/ancestors and do my work on other planes/realities. What I do use spells for is to harmonize my spiritual/internal world with the material cycles of the earth. This is how I maintain balance and stay grounded. The times I have cast spells ? yes they work. One time as a teenager I lived in a bad motel. There was a guy that was harassing me sexually. I was alone and he knew it and kept coming to the door. At the time I was also addicted to drugs so I didn?t call the cops. I was very afraid he was going to hurt me that night. So in desperation I cast a protection spell. A few moments later a friend I wasn?t expecting showed up and invited me to a party at his house, I gladly left. When I came back to the motel they guy had disappeared. I have also been in psychic battles of sorts with the stuff you are talking about in movies ? So does it work? OI think only as well as somebodys understanding and ability to manifestation/direction of energy. But like I said I am interested in higher transformation and practicing for a greater good. So love, money, and ice cream spells are kind if a joke to me, not that they cant work. I wish I could type quotes ... Larkin
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Re: Evening...some curiousity
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well i'm canadian, so i don't know how much this will throw your poll off, but i do cast spells in english. my spells work just fine. i've been taught magick comes down to focus, energy, and the drive to achieve your goal, the language doesn't matter too much as long as you can understand it. if you can't then you're spending more time trying to pronounce the words correctly than focusing on the spell. just my experience anyway.
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Re: Evening...some curiousity
Post # 4
I also believe in the lineage of spells beyond this life. I know for a fact me and my husband were married under pagan constructs eons before this life and that is what is making separation in this life so fing hard. Sometimes we are just reenacting these lineages. Old battles of sorts. I also don't see spells as single events. There is a transformation spell I have been working for six years. In conclusion I will need to return to the origin about 700 miles away. I also conducted a rebirth spell where I traveled to the temples in Cambodia. I planned my trip from the new to full moon and had ceremony the entire trip. It changed my life in amazing ways. Some people think of spells as getting XYZ, cast a circle, and say some stuff, and puff I am done. I see magic at work in my everyday life. These spells are living breathing creations that grow and shift.
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Re: Evening...some curiousity
Post # 5
Hello Seth.

By visiting my profile, you can view my paths.

I'll be happy to help, anyway I can.
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