Relighting candle again??

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Relighting candle again??

Relighting candle again??
Post # 1
When I performed my love spell the 1st day, I had a really large flame; therefore meaning my spell was working well to manifest my desire.

Now, when my spell was successfully done, I let the candle burn a little more than half way before I snuffed it out, since I had to go to sleep.

The [2nd day] I had to work and had other stuff going on that I didn't make time to relight it again,
(to have it burnt down completely).

Here am the [3rd day] , relighted the candle, while focusing on my goal. When I lit the candle, the flame was large again, only for a minute later began to grow small, and began to leave a dark spot on top of the glass.

**Does anyone know the meaning of this (3rd paragraph)??
Or should I ask, was it best if I had never relit it again (since it was a 1-day spell?

(( This was a one day spell, though I thought relighting it again would help send out more of the energy out. ))
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Re: Relighting candle again??
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well the candle was almost done, so the wick might of been touching the wax and being snuffed out as a result. or the conditions in the room might of been different, but i'm almost certain it was the wax or wick coming to an end.
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Re: Relighting candle again??
Post # 3
Don't try to analyze 2 much. Be positive and believe the spell already manifested in the unseen. To cast spells is the easiest thing to do. Don't make easy things seem difficult. Be confident in urself and ur ability. Ur doubting mind is taking over and clouding ur judgement. If u feel u should redo the spell then do it but this time be confident and believe. That's the most important tools in spell casting.

Blessed be
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Re: Relighting candle again??
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Just wanted to add that if a spell requires the candle to fully be burned, use a smaller candle. Relighting may not be a good thing, as you are suppose to do the spell, then forget it, so even your thoughts don't interfere with the working of it. Hope this helps. Blessings!
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