Sad but true

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Forums -> General Info -> Sad but true

Sad but true
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
For some people this may not be "magickal" information but for other it might be. I am only going to give you a hint/warning that not only had I learn but would do you wonders.

"Read the bible."

Yes, you hear me right, the bible and no I am not a bible thumper or another person here to save your souls cause I am not.

It (kind of) pains me to admit it but the bible will sure help you a lot in your occult studies. It is mention a lot in some particular things as well in some books it is a reference. Not only will it be a reliever but when you hear people talking about it (yes some magickal practitioner does talk about the bible as well myth behind it) you will be well inform instead feeling out of place. Believe me when I say that is not fun.

This is from a person who keeps telling herself that she would never read the bible. Six years later she reads the damn bible. Karma bit her in the arse as well the Gods who mocked her.

Just thought to mention that.

Also this is my opinion not many people will agree with me and I am completely fine with that.

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Re: Sad but true
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I have read The Bible. I own two copies,The King James and the Catholic Bible.I have also read The Book Of Mormon.
I have also read Gone With The Wind.
I didn't believe that, either!
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Re: Sad but true
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I know, right and right now I just order the Torah and the Qu'ran.


I got to catch up on my studies.
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Re: Sad but true
Post # 4
Yes. Bible can help us in our Occult studies. We must read Bible. We have to read Bible , Kuran , Ramayan , Mahabharata , etc. This all are Wisdom books. They can teach us How to live a good life? Every problem's solutions are in these Books. They can connect us with God. Our mind will become pure if we read those Holy Books. I have a set of these Books. ~Namaste~
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Re: Sad but true
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I do believe in some of the things you said but when it comes to God and our minds becoming "pure" by reading those book I have to disagree with you.
When it comes to God we connect with the higher being through a different way not by a book or what words it say. In my belief connecting with a higher being has to be through personal experience.
Now with keeping the mind "pure" it is like saying every Catholic or Christian or Pagans or any kind of religion are all pure. In all honestly it really depends on the person themselves, not by any books or what it tries to teach you.

Again this is my opinion and not many will agree or disagree with me here.
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Re: Sad but true
Post # 6
Its really strange how in our religion (Hinduism) meditation, opening chakras, doing predictions and opening third eye is all spiritual and encouraged...

Every time I am online I see someone saying "Dont try to open your third eye, dont connect with psychics"

No offense but do I also need to read Bible? As some stuff is not allowed according to Bible! But definitely allowed according to my religion...

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Re: Sad but true
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

You misintrepeted what I was trying to say. First is I will never force anyone to do something that will make them uncomfortable. You either take my advice or not. It depends on you and I am not bringing religion into this.

Two what I am trying to say is if you read the bible scholarly you will find some very useful information that will help you on your studies cause if you actually did your hw you will notice that some of the books reference is on the bible. Also, it is true that there are some stuff that the bible prohibits but it does not mean you have to listen to it just discard it.

Three I am positive that not everyone who reads the bible are bible thumpers.

I am not trying to sound rude but it is offending to assume quickly in something that you have not read before but heard from others.
I am not telling you to read the bible just giving an advice, you either take it or leave it and again this is my opinion not others will agree with me.
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