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Health Spells
Post # 1
I'm wanting to know which spell is best to cure my seizures I looked at one where it says throw water down the toilet on a moon night from 12am and say certain words I don't know if that's right one for curing seizures if it is please let me know or if it's not which one can?

Please reply

Thank you.
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Re: Health Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i don't think there's a spell to cure seizures, maybe reiki or some type of energy healing could help lessen them, but i don't know of any spell that would get rid of them.
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Re: Health Spells
Post # 3
My dog is epileptic. Her seizures are controlled through phenobarbital, but every now and then I toss a bit of energy her way and they've decreased to almost nil since I've started that.

Best suggestion I can think of if medications don't quite cut it for you would be what Nekoshema said, as everything I know thus far is mostly from psionics.

I would start a daily regiment of meditation sessions. While meditating, visualize your energy flowing through you and direct it to your head. Feel the energy as it subtly vibrates in a healing frequency and constantly imagine yourself in a state of total rest and stillness. It may help to get a good pair of headphones (not earbuds) and listen to 3rd Schumann Resonance while meditating.

Link to DL:

[Taken from another forum] A tone for giving you a sense of general well-being and mild euphoria. It's different from Mood Alertness, since that stimulates general emotion, while this stimulates euphoria via a different frequency. Use good headphonies for this one; earbuds won't cut it. Informally referred to as 3SR.

[ forum poster Fede-lasse]

Hope this helps, but like I said, conventional medicine is the first place you should go if you haven't already.
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