Mysterious key

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Mysterious key
Post # 1
Yesterday morning I woke up and walked over to the pile of clothes I had got out the night before and on top of them was a key. It is quite small and grey and on the ring of the key is the number 33. I still have it and I've been keeping it with me all the time but I'm really curious as to what it is for. I've shown my relatives and none of them have ever seen it before, in fact it creeped them out a bit.

I've become really curious because I want to know what it unlocks and why it appeared to me somewhere I would definitely find it in the morning. I am certain that it 'appeared' there overnight but I don't know how it got there.

My friend told me that 33 is a very religious number and I read up on it and it said something about Jesus performing 33 miracles and dying at the age of 33. Though I am not a Christian this does seem a little weird to me. This would suggest that it is a good thing but the thing that bothers me most is how it got there and what I am meant to do with it.

Should I be worried? Does anyone know what this means or symbolises? And do you have any theories as to how it appeared there?
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Re: Mysterious key
Post # 2
Here's what I read about the number 33:
According to R. Allendy, "this number shows the free activity of the being in the organization of the world. (...) It shows the free creature related to the plans of the Creator by links of justice and love or by the providential intermediaries". This number is seen thus connected to the Karma - 3 + 3 = 6.
This number is a multiple of 11 of which the two antagonistic units have increased to the harmony by developing each one in a ternary, thus moving away the danger of the temptation, according to Lacuria. R. Allendy adds that the activity of the individual is added harmoniously to the cosmic realization of the Archetype: this is why 33 would never have unfavorable meaning.
In Japan, 33 is a sign carrying misfortune because it says SAR-ZAN, which means also "misfortune without way out".

The key may symbolize that you need to unlock (or lock) a quality mentioned above
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Re: Mysterious key
Post # 3
Thanks that helps a lot, but it's still weird that it just appeared like that. I wonder if I'll ever find out how?
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