Ancient Greek Culture

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Ancient Greek Culture
Post # 1
Like in everything you have several differences/denominal ways and cultures,same with Greek tradition and culture which is one of the most well known throughout the world,but how known is it all? ;)

You can find nearly everything about it on various sites like Wikipedia...

But what about the "Nearly" part,a piece or pieces missing,perhaps.

But there is one little culture that got a little bit mixed up and in a lot of cases "lost".

I am talking about the culture passed on from generations to generations I am talking about a cultural act that has been done for at least the last 2800 years,even through the Christian and Muslim conquests of the territories of Greece and other territories that are connected to Greek culture the territories of the Roman Empire,at least the territories where this part of culture was accepted.

What is that part?

Simple,not many people did it nor do they do today maybe around 5000 families in total.

What happens is the newborn child is taken to Mt.Olympus,by one of the relatives other than the parents of the child in most cases uncle,where the child may or may not(in over 92% cases)gain a supernaturally obtained mark from one of the Greek Gods or Goddesses,that mark was found most of the times on priests and priestesses of the Ancient Greece,now there have been cases where the Grand High-Priest would fake it and give the child a fake symbol,the symbol can be recognized as fake if the person in further years doesn't feel safe around the God or Goddess whose mark the child has.

Now there are some scriptures on the ancient tablets about 2600-2800 years old of these events,but some of the people saw it as unimportant and took them down leaving almost an erased mark from history,until about 7 years ago,where the archeologists discovered such stones that confirm the theory(I don't have a source to that,there was but they took it off and I don't know where to provide another,I tried).

The tablets were most likely from the Mycenaean Age Greece to around maybe first quartar of the Greek Dark Age or Ages and Geometric or Homeric Age,Located in the western parts of the Greece and Western Peloponnese.

Thank you for taking your time to read about some little to unknown parts of Greek culture,same like every single culture today they are bound to be missing something or that some parts of it are forgotten or simply changed on minor levels.
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