Eyelash Spells, Anyone?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Eyelash Spells, Anyone?

Eyelash Spells, Anyone?
Post # 1
I have an interesting dilemma. I have unusually long eyelashes that are getting in my eyes at least once a day (don't worry I'm used to it, that's not the issue). The thing I'm curious about is: Are there any spells that I could use to make the whole idea of wishing on eyelashes actually work? I have this endless supply of falling eyelashes that I don't know what to do with. Any thoughts?
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Re: Eyelash Spells, Anyone?
Post # 2

You can design a spell to work easily, just experiment and try writing one on your own. Also, don't expect your wish spell to make miracles happen. You need to work towards your wishes and/or keep your eyes open for opportunities.

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Re: Eyelash Spells, Anyone?
Post # 3
The most important thing is your "belief".In magick and any other wishing thing,focus,will and belief are necessary along with a strong mindset.
Spells do not contain hidden powers,but you yourself make the miracle happen.Spells are merely words that help you to focus on your intent by chanting the words.If you concentrate on your wish,it may come true,where spell is not necessarily important.
If you still want a spell,you may create one yourself,as that is the best way,as you put your intent on the spell while writing it.You may also use any wish spell here :)
As said above,keep in mind that only wishes that are possible will come true as impossible wishes will bring nothing but dissappointment.
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Re: Eyelash Spells, Anyone?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Many practices already involve releasing something into the universe in fact that is how magick works in the most basic way so actually by making the wish you're already doing

It probably won't work on it's own but with concentration and focusing on putting your wish on the eyelash it'll work like all magick does just with something physical to help it along

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