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Post # 1

Susanoo is the Japanese storm god. He was born when his father washed his face of the pollutants of Yomi(the underworld.) His sister Amaterasu was born from the washing of Izanagi's left eye, his brother Tsukuyomi from his right, and Susanoo was born from the washing of his nose. Susanoo was give charge over the sea, while his siblings got charge over the moon(Tsukuyomi), and the sun(Amaterasu). Susanoo did not like this and detested greatly, but it was all for not.

The tails tell of Susanoo's and Amaterasu's constant rivalry. It reached it's peak when Susanoo was ordered by Izanagi to leave heaven. He went to visit his sister, who was suspicious of him. A challenge was made to see who could birth the most Gods or goddesses(Some stories say Divine children) out of something belonging to the other. Amaterasu birthed three women from Totsuka-no-Tsurugi(Susanoo's sword), while Susanoo birthed five men from Amaterasu's necklace. Amaterasu's persistence that she had won, because, she claimed, as the five were made from her necklace they were hers, made Susanoo angry and drove him into acts of violence. Finally Susanoo destroyed his sister's rice fields and threw a half flayed pony through the roof of her sewing room, killing one of her servants, and causing Amaterasu to flee into Ama-no-Iwato. Because of his deeds Susanoo was banished from heaven and sent to the province of Izumo.

When arriving in Izumo, Susanoo found himself at a river. He saw chopsticks floating down the river, and assumed there were people living upstream. While he was walking up the river he stumbled upon a sad old couple and a young maiden, who was their daughter. The old man was named Ashi-nadzuchi, his wife was named Te-nadzuchi, and the daughter was Kushinada-Hime. Susanoo asked them the reason to their sadness, and they told him the story of how an eight-headed dragon, named Yamata-no-Orochi, had once a year came and eaten one of their daughters and Kushinada-Hime was the last one. Bewitched by Kushinada-Hime's beauty, Susanoo offered to kill the dragon for her hand in marriage. The old couple agreed, and gathered eight barrels of Sake, as per Susanoo's request. Susanoo turned Kushinada-Hime into a comb, and put her in his hair.

As the dragon arrived it came upon a fence, put there by Susanoo, and the creature delighted at the smell of the sake on the other side. It put it's heads into the 8 hatches and drank every last drop of the sake. Once it had finished Susanoo attacked, the drunken serpent no match for him. Once Susanoo had cut off all of it's heads it came to it's tail, where Susanoo found a sword named Murakumo. He then buried each head in a place called "Eight Cedar Trees." He then later married Kushinada-Hime.The sword Murakumo was later given to Amaterasu as a sign of of how he was sorry for what he had done in the past to here. Later on the sword was to be renamed Kusanagi, and had become one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan.


Special thanks to RexImpius for sending me these links:

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Re: Susanoo
Post # 2

Found this and thought it funny:

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