Prayers to the Big 3

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Prayers to the Big 3
Post # 1

Father Zeus, holder of lightning, master of storms,
ruler of fair Olympos and all who there dwell.
All is within your power, all bow to your will,
great Zeus who hears all oaths, who sees justice done,
who watches over all with benevolent gaze,
whose blessings are great; awesome Zeus, I honor you.
Guardian of our homes, protector of our children,
kind Zeus, I pray to you. Guide me to be just,
to act with honor, to keep my promises,
to welcome guests freely, to do what is right.
Watch over our home and bring to it abundance,
O Zeus; watch over our children, shield them from harm.

Poseidon, dark-haired god of all waters,
by whose will alone do sailors fare in safety.
Lord of the black sea depths, swirling dark and deep,
swift in thought, sure in deed, fervent in feeling,
the ocean's caprice is yours, O Poseidon;
overwhelming one, I praise and honor you.
Mighty Poseidon, unfathomable one,
I pray to you. You at whose touch sweet water springs forth,
at whose whim the earth breaks open beneath our feet,
whose pure power we feel in our bones and our blood,
show me life's essence, life's rage; pull me like the tide;
grant me safe harbor at last, shield me from storms.


Hades, lord of the underworld, host of the dead,
stern holder of the boundary between death and life.
Cold flesh becomes spirit, bright eyes glint from shadows,
lovers long parted unite, families join once more--
kind one, fearsome one, all this you see and welcome,
all this you encompass, light in dark, love in death.
Hades unseen, lord of all who have lived and died,
I pray to you. Master of dreams, giver of wealth,
receiver of those most dear to us, lost to us,
treasures all, all within your realm. Great Hades,
guardian of all who have passed to your kingdom,
gracious God to whom we all will go, I praise you.

I'll add the site to my profile,so you guys can go there and use any prayer to other Greek Gods and Goddesses you may want :) :)

Zeus's blessings upon you all!
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Re: Prayers to the Big 3
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Beautiful Honey, a good find for those who follow them as deities.
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Re: Prayers to the Big 3
Post # 3
Thank you,I follow them since birth,so I thought it would be nice to share something with the site :)

I didn't find any of these on this site,unless of course they are so old posts they are too deep so I just decided to share this :)
You can see more on my friend's and my site :)
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