astral travel help

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astral travel help
Post # 1
i have a few questions i need to ask.
1. how do i start i need help i have tried some stuff but have so far been unsuccessful.
2. how do i know i have entered an astral state?
3. what can i do and how do i do it?
4. is it possible to take friends into astral form by pulling them out of their body?
5. if number 4 is possible then do they go back to their body on their own or do they have to be put back and the same for me?
6. are their dangerous things that i can encounter there and if there are how can i protect myself from them?
7. is there any kind of guide that can help in the astral to explore?
8. once in the astral is there a way to meet with people that can also astral travel?

i would just like to say that this list might be long but i appreciate any answers that can help me in my attempts to reach astral projection.

i would also like to say that if i have done anything wrong in where or how i posted this thread please tell me because i am a bit new at this web site and i am still learning how to do many things
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Re: astral travel help
Post # 2
I can only say that the way I have been able to project was either with deep, deep meditation while "holding" the thought to do so or at the moment you enter the hypnogogic trance state right before REM sleep. That is hard because you can easily fall asleep. You will feel it when it starts and then you will have to "wordlessly" go traveling. If you feel like your flying in a dream or near dream state you are projecting. VERY difficult to control! If you communicate it will NOT be with words unless that is your special talent.
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