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Wish Spell Request
Post # 1
Hello guys, Things have not been going well for me lately. High School has become very hard for me and no matter how hard I try I just can't get good grades, part of it is because of very very huge of amount of bad luck. I'm just a beginner in spell casting but I need a powerful wish spell to fulfill this wish of mine, which is to get good grades(I'll explain more of my wish later in greater detail). Since I'm a beginner, I don't think I can cast any powerful spell correctly, So can anyone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, cast a powerful wish spell for me??? I really need it and I'm desperate, matter of fact I think I deserve it!! It's just that I have soo much bad luck that hinders me from achieving my dreams of getting a good education in college. If someone will help then I will gladly explain to you my wish in greater detail.

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Re: Wish Spell Request
Post # 2
Sorry, but magick doesn't really work that way. You can't cast a spell and expect something to happen just like that. You have to put some effort into it, which entails casting it yourself.
Maybe you could cast a career spell in addition to studying and working harder in school. However, if you don't believe that you can get your grades up without magick, then you will most likely not be able to fix it with magick.

Also, this is just my opinion, and you may completely disregard it if you like, but you make your own luck. If you think you are unlucky, then you are. You'll find that if you change your attitude, your life will be a whole lot easier.
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Re: Wish Spell Request
Post # 3
it sounds to me like you lack confidence in yourself as a spell caster. you need to sort this out first otherwise your spells will never work as you need a positive attitude and true belief that you will succeed. Always remember that no-one is more powerful to grant your wishes than yourself. I suffered the same problem at one time. I suggest you cast simple spells for simple things. then when you get small success your confidence will grow. One of the best ways to get what you want is cosmic ordering. It's easy and it works. why not order some confidence? you could also order better grades too but remember you will still need to work hard at school because magick wont give you an easy pass. you must put some effort in as well. good luck.
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Re: Wish Spell Request
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I'm sorry you are having bad luck. I suggest doing a aura cleansing for a more positive attitude. Also, do some protection spells for yourself and your study environment.

The others are correct, having a positive attitude will help tremendously. When there is a need for focus i wear tigers eye and Hematite for protection and a little extra brain power :).

Once you feel calm and protected you will have better luck meditating and visualizing your next report card with all "A"s.

Good luck (no pun intended lol )

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Re: Wish Spell Request
Post # 5
Well, here's a simple wish spell, find a leaf write your wish on it, then let it drift away into the wind, and if a spirit finds it it will grant your wish. Another spell is to draw a 8 on a piece of piece of paper and write your wish on it and leave it out to soak in the energy of the moonlight, then after a few nights of it soaking in the moonlight then bring your piece of paper back into your home, I think that's how the second spell goes, I may have forgotten a little bit of it. Anyways hope that helps.
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