Small steps in spell cast

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Small steps in spell cast
Post # 1

First and foremost, in any magical spell or ritual, is to believe your spells will work! You need to believe YOU can do it. So to instill that faith, start with this simple ?spell? that millions of people have done with success.
Set your internal alarm clock! It?s simple and it works for most people. (But few use it as a springboard into magick.)
At night, when you?re just about ready to fall to sleep tell yourself, WITH CONFIDENCE, that you will wake up at a certain time. Do it on a day that you actually don?t need to get up on. Say a Saturday? Your last thought should be, ?I am going to awake at 7 AM feeling rested and happy.? Then immediately go to sleep!
Most people are amazed at how well this works. And YES this has been labeled as many other things. But is does instill faith in yourself. Faith that you can THINK a thought and have it become a reality. It is a starting point.
SO, practice waking yourself up on time. When you can say: ?Wow! It really works! I can do that!? Then you are ready to move on to more difficult spells and circles armed with the knowledge and FAITH that you CAN make things work by your will alone! This worked very well for me and I hope someone else can use it.
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Re: Small steps in spell cast
Post # 2
I'm able to do that :). I've never realized though that I've been spell casting this whole time.
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Re: Small steps in spell cast
Post # 3
Well, like I mentioned, there are probably clinical names for this and a lot of things that seem magickal. BUT,if it builds the strength and trust in yourself to go deeper into spells and others paths, that is what is important. A lot of magickal tools are in this class. They help YOU believe you will succeed! Always set 'obtainable goals' this will increase your ability. Then move to harder ones, carefully. This is one of the rules of High Magick. Don't fail! You have the first step down, now work a small spell with the same feeling. And keep climbing.
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