third eye - help

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third eye - help
Post # 1
So i just started using the site and began my first attempt at meditating and trying to open my third eye. I began with some breathing exercises to clear my mind and began to shift my eyes to the place where the third is. Once my eyes locked I began breathing normally and slowly counted backwards from 100. By the time I got to one i began to to see colors first yellow which turned into a yellow pulsing circle and then a pulsing green triangle. It looked like i was passing through some kind of vortex but not moving at the same time. this was mixed only with images of eagles with wings spread. After holding these images in my head for about 4 minutes i took a deep breath and opened my eyes. I felt extremely relaxed and the entire ordeal only lasted about 10 minutes.

I'm just trying to figure out if i really did open my third eye. when i first read about it it seemed like it might take multiple attempts. Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks.
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Re: third eye - help
Post # 2
Also i forgot to mention, close to the end of my meditation i shifted my arms with palms facing up and felt a cool breeze flow up my arms there was no air blowing through the vents and when i stopped i was actually quite hot.
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Re: third eye - help
Post # 3
It normally takes a few attempts, but it sounds like you have natural abilities ...

This link may be of some use :

(copy & paste to browser )
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Re: third eye - help
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Its different for every person, I believe. It does seem as though you have a gift with it and probably did. Keep working with it, meditating is always a great idea even without focusing on the third eye to strength your senses.
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Re: third eye - help
Post # 5
i really appreciate the feedback! i'll continue to practice my meditation for the time being. Is there anything out there for interpreting third eye visions or are visions more personal?
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