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Post # 1
Hello everyone!
Every time I go a church or go near one I get a headache or start feeling unwell(stomach hurts), and as soon as I leave the church/church area I feel better immediately. Am I just over thinking things? thank you for your time :)

Re: Churches
By: / Novice
Post # 2
it could be in your head, like you're a witch so you think something might happen when you enter a church, so your mind tells your body to act differently.

mind you, i have a friend or two that swears they feel different in or near churches. granted, those people like to overreact and be the center of attention, so i don't trust them too much. i've been in church a few times after converting [my family is christian] the last time i went, i felt uneasy, but no time before that.

if you feel bad, then just don't go, it's most likely in your head, but if you don't feel good, you should avoid it. if you aren't being forced to go, then don't, if you need to walk past it, cross the street, but nothings going to happen to you.

Re: Churches
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
You are experiencing an overactive nip that in the bud before you end up far along the fluff trail.

Re: Churches
Post # 4

i dont go to church but when we pray in class i feel as if some1 stabbed me.. i dont think its imagination.. same happened with christian blessed food... from 1 bite my stomach started to hurt i couldnt eat anything whole day and after a day i could hardly eat anything.. but same blessed food others ate and were fine.. i dont think ur overthinking anything...

Re: Churches
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Churches make me uneasy too but that's more in my head and a personal thing more than anything (I'm gay from a bible thumping family so all Catholics scare me a bit)

Churches aren't a bad place just sometimes the church goers aren't the best of people so if you truly must go or be near one then just try and focus on other things

I always feel more comfortable if I remove anything from me that is related to another religion and set it in my pocket so maybe you've just given yourself a psychological barrier that you need to find a way to break

Re: Churches
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
This all reminds me of a scene from The Omen. Overactive imagination...proximity to a church has no physical effect. If you are experiencing such then it is all in your head and you should limit your exposure to fantasy fiction and seek assistance from a mental health professional

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