I wanna be great

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I wanna be great
Post # 1
Pls i nid help from people here. I have dreams of becoming sucessful in life. I have no one, i wanna be educated, no one to help, in spite of that, wat ritual can i do, i play lotto games, wat charm for luck can i get, all am talking about here is money to help myself, anyone who wishes to contribute advise, help to this post is welcomed.
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Re: I wanna be great
Post # 2
Im in the the same condistoin that you in Molec. i asked for help about gaining or reseaving magick, casting spells to help my future, but no one reply or message me back to help me, but alas i can't even feel magick within me.
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Re: I wanna be great
Post # 3
First of all, there isn't a spell out there that is going to magically make you rich. If what you are trying isn't working there is always a reason for it. If you are still looking for a spell just search 'luck spells' on this website. If that doesn't work try an Internet search. If the spells don't work for you think about why they aren't. For example, have you really tried your hardest to fix your problems? Make sure you are actually trying your hardest to fix the problem before you just give up. Good luck!
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Re: I wanna be great
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
We all have that ambition!
But by far the best way to get money is to work for it.Magic, such as meditation, can help in getting you into the right "frame of mind", but there is no spell that will get money for you; becoming rich is not all that easy!
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Re: I wanna be great
Post # 5
First off, if you wanna be successful in life and make good money, stop buying lottery tickets haha every know and then is fine but don't blow every dime you have. In my opinion you can become educated and successful on your own. You just need to know where to start:) Everyone has the right to learn so don't let not having anyone around to help effect that.
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