Spell astrology opinion?

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Spell astrology opinion?
Post # 1
Hi. I've been trying to lose weight for a little while, and I've been doing well so far but I've decided that I need a little help and I'm trying to construct a spell to help me.

I'm just asking for an opinion of the astrological conditions I have chosen for this spell. I am thinking of doing it on the waning moon in Cancer but I am still unsure of which planet would suit it. I'm thinking of Venus as it does have the element of water, any thoughts on this?

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Re: Spell astrology opinion?
Post # 2
You are wasting your time spell wont lose your weight potions might be helpful remember spell can't change physical appearance lol still if don't believe me ask anyone or try a free shot of spell
:-) though spell might help to lead you to your wish but you must work hard too to let it happen
Blessed Be
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Re: Spell astrology opinion?
Post # 3
I already know that spells alone won't make me lose weight but they do help channel your thoughts.

I am working hard to lose weight by watching what I eat, how many calories I eat a day and doing Tai Chi everyday to help raise my metabolism. I only want to do a spell to help keep me in the right mind set and I am not looking for a quick fix as I already know that's not possible.

I also know that spells don't change appearances, I wouldn't want to anyway but they can give you a helping hand in health related issues by getting you into the right mindset.

Sorry if I sounded cold in this message, I didn't mean to if I did but I just wanted to emphasise that I have thought about it and I'm not just looking for a spell to drastically make me stick thin lol because I know that's not possible but again, I know it will help me get in the right attitude; I also generally enjoy spell rituals and have always been good at visualisation/intent which helps too :)

Thanks anyway :)
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Re: Spell astrology opinion?
Post # 4
Lol you should state it first I misunderstood lol my apology anyway Venus is also related to health and healing so Friday with planetary hour 1 am-2am, 8 am-9am ,15 pm-16 pm, and 22 pm-23pm in 24hour format (1st 8th 15th and 22nd hour of Friday are the hours of Venus ... hope this help
Blessed Be :-)
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