Problems with spells

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Problems with spells
Post # 1
Hello, i would like to ask about something it's been worrying me since i was conscious of my powers. At certain moments or places, i enter in contact with the dream world. And thats nice. Other thigns i found i can do is... when i really think something is going to happen, it will happen, no matter what. But consciously... i can't cast spells.

Maybe it's because meditation doesn't work on me, as it gets me even more anxious (i don't know why, been following several meditation guides and they don't help)

I also find spells written in english....powerless. I mean, i am really good at understanding and writing in english but the spells.... i don't know. I know this is just me, because other people do find power in english written spells.

Where should i start? Don't tell me meditation because.... you know. Even in dreams i cant cast my spells.

For me some sources of my power are


My power's color is blue.

Which spell could be cast properly with these attributes?
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Re: Problems with spells
Post # 2
how about trying to learn hydrokinesis not a spell its mind over element message if it helps ! :D
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Re: Problems with spells
Post # 3
The thing you said meditation don't work for you I can't believe on it as it's not possible meditation don't work for you maybe techniques are wrong it may take much time but it will work anyway all I can feel is lack of Belief Trust and confidence also give up No pain no gain lol anyway

1 Moon play an important role in magic wicca witchcraft or another magical thing so moon light is your power source so you can do lunar magic though moon light and moon are used in maximum all magical workings

2 Forest The nature it's clear maximum feel refreshing in the nature so Healing and protection spell will work well

3 Water one of the main element out of 5 related to emotions peace silences cleansing so you can work with your empathy water scrying magic water baths, potions, cleansing etc

Though meditation is Base of magic no meditation means no centering lacks of energy no grounding no stability or strength and no shielding means no protection

So total is if you try a spell greater chances it won't work or back fire
Blessed Be
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Re: Problems with spells
Post # 4
Well updating, thank you for your tips but... as ive said, i doubt all meditation guides are wrong. I actually got a breathing problem, and meditation actually forces me to be conscious of the breathing problem, so i stop breathing properly and i start getting nervous.

On the other hand, theres news. Somehow, i got a sudden urge to have a knife. I don't even know why. But i feel like... my life needs a knife. It is better if it does not cut too much, as me and knifes arent good friends... And i would just need it to try manipulating these weird energies, not cut or anything. I don't know if they even exist, but meh xD

Should i follow my instincts, or just consider it "an stupid thing to do that came to my mind" and ignore it?
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